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More and more phone makers continue to roll out Android 10 onto their devices. Be it Samsung or OnePlus, the respective flagships already received Android 10 based skinned builds as OTA updates.

Still, a good chunk of eligible devices, especially those from OEMs that aren’t mainstream, and plenty of mid-range devices are set to get this update within the first quarter of this year.

OPPO is one such phone-maker who is a little late to the Android 10 party. The company has kickstarted the preliminary development of Android 10 for the OPPO Find X.


The phone was first released back in July 2018 with Android 8.1. It has since been updated to Android 9.0-based ColorOS 6. This time, OPPO just opened a limited run of early adopters rollout of Android 10-based ColorOS 7.

ColorOS 7 update prompt on OPPO Find X



New borderless design new upgrade, more visual shock, more efficient operation, more natural experience

New OPPO Sans default font, overall simplicity and elegance, rich in scientific and technological beauty


New Breeno instructions let you complete daily tasks faster in fewer steps, and create personalized shortcut instructions

New Breeno voice, photo search function, can be based on photo time, location, people, etc.

New Breeno voice, camera wake-up, voice-switchable camera mode

New Breeno voice, turn on turn off dark mode, query steps, turn on Breeno screen and other voice commands

New Breeno suggests that low-power alerts, when low-power automatic detection of nearby charging treasure merchants

New Breeno sleep mode, dark mode at night, and turn on Do Not Disturb

New Breeno screen, meeting schedule information recognition, can be added with one click of the agenda

Optimize Breeno sweep, independent sweep with objects, easy to evoke

New Breeno driving to quickly turn on phones, music, WeChat and a recently used app

New Breeno Express, News and Information Module

Smart Sidebar

Optimize visual interaction to enhance the one-handed experience

Optimize the smart sidebar, replace the file desk with file management, and remove Breeno voice, ultra-clear vision, notice do not disturb three shortcut tools

New note shortcut tool

New support drag and drop app for fast split-screen

New “Buoy Transparency” and “Buoy Full Screen Hide” settings

Optimize the floating window mode suitable range, more applications support floating window opening

New floating window bubble function, support for quick expansion/folding floating window


Optimize three-finger screenshots, you can select the screen-blocking area by three-finger press and swipe, and press and slide out of the screen to quickly hold a screen

New screenshot settings to adjust preview window position, setting chime, etc.

Optimize screenshot preview float, drop-down to share, pull-up float window for long screen castoff

Navigation Gestures 3.0″

New Slide in in from both sides of the screen and stay to switch to the previous app

Optimize all gestures to support cross-screen scenes


New flashback key, support navigation, taxi, game important information desktop display, one-click quick return to the app

New dark color mode, power-saving, and eye protection

New focus mode to help block outside distractions while working or studying

New charging animation style

Optimize control center interaction, one-handed operation experience is more friendly

New screen recording pause function

New screen recording float and recording settings

New 360 clean-up engine

New global theme, theme add more playability

New Global Delete Sound Effects, Calculator Key tones, Compass Pointing to Sound Feedback

Optimised built-in ringtone resources

New barrier-free TalkBack suspension tips

New barrier-free color mode to enhance the experience of visually impaired users

New recent task management page with recent task display memory information switch and app lock management


Optimize the visual interaction of the game space

Optimise Game Space Launch Animation

Optimize game assistant interaction and outbound mode, new gamepad connection entrance


New interactive live wallpaper

New Art-and-Still Wallpaper

New desktop slide settings to customize open global search or notification hub

New desktop icon customization, you can customize the size, shape, style of the icon

Optimize the unlock process, cross-scratch to switch unlock mode

Optimize password unlock vision, one-handed unlock more convenient

New lock screen support live wallpaper

Optimize the breath-screen clock style, more personality choices

New desktop simple mode, larger font icon, more concise and clear


New password this feature, automatically password, one-click login

New Remote Guardian app usage time, you can see the binding phone nearly 7 days of use of the app

New Remote Guard deactivation window, you can set the disabled period of the bound phone

New Remote Guardian app set time limit, you can set the binding phone app use time, limit some game match

New Remote Guardian One-click navigation, one-click navigation to the location of the bound phone

New SOS Emergency Contact Smart Customer Service for Help, When the emergency contact does not answer the phone, intelligent customer service will help continue to call the emergency contact phone

New random MAC address connection WiFi, block targeted advertising, protect privacy, information security

New sensitive permissions when using the status bar icon prompt, you can view the specific call of the application details, to prevent personal privacy disclosure

New permission usage record to view the history of app call permissions


New note palace style

New note background setting, available in 6 colors and 4 skin backgrounds

New note time reminder function, you can set memo reminder point in time

New note removal retrieval feature, deleted notes will be retained in the recently deleted folder for 30 days

New calculator window mode, support for quick start-up through control center and smart sidebar

New recording crop function, can be cut for existing recordings, to obtain important clips

New calendar supports custom scheduling recurrence

New alarm dynamic weather ringtones, match different ringtones depending on the day’s weather

New weather animation effect, according to different weather to show different dynamics

New file management addopPO cloud disk portal, access to OPPO cloud content

Optimize camera interaction to enhance the operating experience

Optimize photo countdown interaction with cue


Optimize album atlas interaction, clearer level, more convenient to find pictures

New album recommendations to support more than 80 types of scene recognition


New OPPO inter transmission support and vivo, Xiaomi equipment mutual transmission

Optimize phone-based vision for a more concise and efficient experience

New strange number call quick settings page, one-click new contact, add tags or blacklist


New deactivation period, custom deactivation time period, effective management of mobile phone usage time

New app setting sittime, you can set the app use time, limit some game match, prevent app and game addiction

Optimize setting up search function to support fuzzy search and search record presentation


New Soloop ready-to-record, more understanding of your video intelligent authoring tools

New health, monitoring of sports health data, providing health services

NOTE: Changelog has been directly translated from Chinese


How to update

Well, before jumping in, it is worth noting that this is pre-released software. As such, it might be ridden with bugs and issues.

Also, this is a limited run for the first 2,000 users. Applications will be open for early adopters as from January 15th. If you are locked out, you might want to check again after some time, should OPPO decide to recruit a few more testers.

  • Before updating, make sure you are running the latest C.24 / C.25 on your Find X.
  • Go to System settings, click software update, and click the settings button in the upper right corner;
  • Click on upgrade to early adopters, click ColorOS 7 to limit early adopters, fill out the corresponding form
  • Read the early adopters and privacy policy, click Apply Now, you can complete the application
  • Return to the software update interface and click Check Update
  • As mentioned, this is pre-released software. While OPPO is confident that you can use this on your daily driver, we advice that if you can wait for the official rollout of the stable version, please do.

    Update 1 (February 20)

    The official update has just started rolling out to the devices. You can read more about that here.

    Update 2 (April 4)

    The trial version of ColorOS 7 is live in India, Indonesia and Europe for the Find X. Head here for the complete coverage.

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