Some Google Pixels have a random letter stuck on the screen

It’s true the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have had a share of their own issues since launch. We’ve done our best to document some of these issues, but it seems we haven’t been able to capture everything so far.

Issues like the face unlock controversy, the 90Hz refresh rate saga that has since been settled, missing 4K 60FPS support, green screen and faulty OIS issues, lags when loading apps, settings, and video recording, and limited support for single face recognition have well been documented on PiunikaWeb.

Google Pixel 4

During his review of the Google Pixel 4, Linus of Linus Tech Tips pointed out an issue where the same text would get stuck on the screen even when browsing through multiple windows or apps.

Below is a screenshot of what Linus saw on his Pixel 4 back in October. You can check out the video beginning from the point where he talks about this weird bug here.

Pixel 4 random text stuck on screen

As much as the issue doesn’t seem quite widespread, another similar concern has recently been raised by a Redditor, but this time with respect to a Google Pixel 2 XL running the latest Android 10.

Apparently, a random letter is stuck on the screen of the device. This is an issue one can live with especially since its a single letter, but it can become annoying when you constantly see it there every other time.

Check it out, there’s a static letter “a” towards the middle of the screen. It persists across all apps and the home screen, even after turning the screen off and on. It goes away with a reboot but eventually returns, although it might be a different letter next time. Pixel 2XL, android 10. Known issue? Haven’t found anything about it online.

Click/tap on the images below to see the random letter ‘a’ that gets stuck on the Pixel 2 XL screen.

To fix it, one needs to reboot the phone and while this addresses the issue, it comes back after a week or so, at least according to the affected person.

A restart does fix it temporarily but it comes back in a week or two. I haven’t been able to catch any pattern as to what I did immediately before it reappears.

Whether the cries out there are enough to get Google’s attention remains unknown, but by highlighting it the search giant will fix the issue sooner or later. We will let you know if and when it does.

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