Apex Legends: Season 3 Patch Notes Part 1

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Oct 02, 2019 Gaming, News

Apex legends Season 3 went live today bringing in a vast amount of content and changes with it. In this article and the next one, we will be covering all the details about the Season 3 which went live today with the update.

Let’s get over with the stuff we already know. The new Apex Legends Season came in with a new legend – Crypto and a new map – World’s Edge and a new weapon – Charge rifle. We will discuss about these in detail in a bit.

Crypto – Cool, calm and collected legend appears in Apex games

Crypto is the new legend who has been added in the game as part of the Season 3. Crypto is a surveillance expert and prefers to remain in shadows, unnoticed. Crypto has 3 abilities like every other character, a passive, an active and an ultimate.

Apex Legends: Season 3 Patch notes

Crypto’s passive ability is called ‘Neurolink’ – Crypto and his teammates can see what the Surveillance drone sees. The drone has a fixed health and has a range of 30m.

His tactical ability is called ‘Surveillance Drone’ – Crypto deploys an aerial drone with his tactical ability. The cool down for his tactical is 40 seconds. It means you’ll have to wait another 40 seconds to deploy another drone if the drone is destroyed. Crypto’s tactical is heart and soul of all his abilities.

Crypto’s ultimate ability is called the ‘Drone EMP’ – Crypto’s drone delivers a charged EMP blast which deals a 50 shield damage, slows down enemies and destroys all traps.

New Map – World’s Edge

Apex is moving to its new map called the World’s Edge on the planet Talos. After multiple attacks on King’s Canyon, the Syndicate decided to move the games to a place where they think it will be safer. Check out the new map below –

Apex Legends: Season 3 Patch notes

New Weapon Charge Rifle

The Charge rifle is an energy based sniper rifle which takes a second to warm-up. The rifle will deal a small amount of damage while it’s aimed and charging up before dealing a massive blow. The Charge Rifle is part of ground loot and can be found in the supply bins or any of the buildings.

Apex Legends: Season 3 Patch notes

Legend Changes

With the new Season, Respawn has introduced a lot of meta changes to Apex Legends which will affect the meta of the game heavily. Let’s delve into these changes a bit deeper.

Executioner Perk – Earlier, only the Gold armor had the perk which recharged the shields after performing a finisher on a downed enemy. This perk will now be applicable to all legends and armors and not only the gold armor.

Gibralter got some pretty major buffs with this Season. Players in his dome shield can use items 25% faster. His dome shield throw distance is increased by 60% but the cooldown is increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.

Gibralter’s ultimate got a decreased cool down from 4.5 minutes to 3 minutes. Also, the throw distance for his ultimate is also increased by 36%. But, the bombardment duration is reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.

Apex Legends: Season 3 Patch notes

Bloodhound got buffed as well. His animation time for tactical ability is reduced by 33% and tells number of enemies immediately. His ultimate animation time is now also reduced by 30% and his movement speed during his ultimate is increased from 25% to 30%.

Bangalore’s ultimate got a buff in damage. Now her ultimate deals damage from 20% to 40%.

Wraith yet again got nerfed, earlier knocking out wraith in her ultimate would place the rift’s exit but now she won’t be able to place the rift if you knock her out during her ultimate.

Pathfinder got nerfed hard with this Season. The grapple’s velocity is reduced by 33% meaning that it would take longer to connect your grapple. But there’s no velocity reduction after you connect the grapple. His ultimate got a cool down nerf and now you’ll have to wait for 120 seconds instead of 90 seconds to place a zipline.

Check out the second part of the Apex Legends Season 3 patch notes here. You can read the full patch notes here. Make sure to drop your comments down below!

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