Apex Legends Season 3 trailer reveals new map

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Sep 28, 2019 Gaming, News

Apex Legends just dropped their Season 3 trailer today, and we get to see tons of content which we’ll be getting. The trailer also revealed the new map which will be featured in Season 3. The new map is called the World’s Edge and is located on a different planet called the Talos.

Apex Legends: Season 3 trailer reveals new map!

The new trailer for Season 3 opens with the scene of dropship where the legends have been chilling before the match. Mirage seems to be the center of attraction as usual.

Mirage talks about how he was cleaning up his bar when the Syndicate told him to pack his bags as they were going to a new planet. A small turbulence worries him to which Lifeline tells him that the turbulence is quite normal in these parts.

The next scene involves a small scuffle between Mirage and Crypto when he tries to ask him about the person who destroyed the Repulsor Tower. As the drop location approaches, we see Crypto and Mirage selected in the same team and we get to see the all new map.

It seems that the speculations were right, the map is an ice and lava map. The map reveal includes a lot of information about the new map. As we said, the map will be an ice and lava map which means we will likely get dynamic weather in the map.

Apex Legends: Season 3 trailer reveals new map!
First look of charge rile in game

The trailer also gave us a look at the Geysers which will be used to jump higher. This is a cool addition to the game and will add to the mechanics of the game. Ice part of the map will include a building in the middle of the map which looks like an abandoned research facility. There are ice caves in the map which look absolutely stunning with the background.

The major attraction of the trailer was the trains. In the trailer, we saw Mirage and Crypto fighting enemies on a moving train. This addition to the map has all the players hyped for Season 3. The Lava part of the map isn’t shown much though Wattson’s landing may be hinting at landing charms.

Apex Legends: Season 3 trailer reveals new map!
The addition of trains has hyped the players for Season 3

Considering the teasers earlier about the Crypto, we can say that Crypto is after the Space Elevator. This was just the trailer for Season 3 revealing the new map. The cinematic for Season 3 which all the players are eager to see will be most probably released on October 1 when the new Season kicks off.

Did you like the new map of Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments section below!

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