Apex Legends new teaser confirms presence of space elevator

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Sep 27, 2019 Gaming, News

Respawn has opened all the marketing floodgates with teasing new content for Season 3. With new teasers popping up on either the social media handles of the game or website, devs have been keeping players on the edge. And now, with the latest tweet, Respawn has confirmed the presence of yet another Titanfall structure – The space elevator.

Teasers for Season 3 started appearing during the Apex Legends Invitational Tournament. The first one was about a banner across all the map which flashed a failed hacking attempt by Crypto. Then, came the one regarding Singh Labs where Crypto showed up trying to hack into the Apex games.

Apex Legends: New teaser confirmed the presence of space elevator

At this moment, it was clear that Season 3 will feature Crypto as the new legend. Also, Respawn officially announced Season 3 which confirmed that Crypto will be joining Apex Games in Season 3.

Since the official announcement of Season 3, Apex Legends have been dropping off new teasers on their social media handles and website. The latest teaser is a GIF where we get to see a structure which will be easily recognized by Titanfall players. The structure shown is a Space Elevator which we have seen in the Titanfall Universe.

Apex Legends: New teaser confirmed the presence of space elevator

For those naive, the Space Elevator was a Titanfall concept which was used as a means of transportation between ground and an orbital station. The Space Elevator in Apex Legends can only mean one thing that Crypto finally has managed to hitch his ride on the dropship.

This was confirmed by the players who reported that Crypto is gone from the Singh Labs.

Apex Legends: New teaser confirmed the presence of space elevator

The GIF reveals other information too. It says “Location ready” and Ares Broadcast is “On”. These are in reference to the Space Elevator and its destination. But the main mystery lies in the Key which says “World’s Edge”. Take a look at the tweet below –

The devs have already been teasing a successful hacking attempt of Crypto which gave him access to the Apex Games OS itself. Ee all know Crytpo is hell-bent on destroying the games and he’s looking for a ride off Solace. Crypto might have used this Space Elevator to get on to the dropship which will be headed to a new location, possibly a new map.

Also, the plans of Crypto wreaking havoc are yet to be completed because even after the repulsor tower got destroyed the games still continued and as Crypto described in his message, he will force Syndicate to close the games.

Got any of your theories? Drop your views and comments in the comment section down below.

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