Apex Legends: Season 3 patch notes Part 2

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Oct 02, 2019 Gaming, News

In the previous article (Season 3 patch notes Part 1) we discussed the new additions and the changes to the legends in Season 3. In this article, we will be going through the rest of the changes made as part of the Season 3 update.

Apex Legends Season 3

Weapon and Loot changes

Weapons and loot have been significantly changed in Season 3. To start off, we will look at the changes in hop-ups. Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer Rifling has been removed. For Wingman and Longbow, the base headshot damage has been increased from 2.0 to 2.15. Earlier with the Skullpeiercer it was 2.25.

New hop-up Anvil Receiver has been added for Flatline and R-301. It’s a gold level hop-up, meaning it will be rarely be found on the map. The hop-up changes the firing mode for these two weapons from fully-auto to semi-auto.

The hop-up enables two round burst and a decreased rate of fire, but deals high damage per shot. New hop-up Double Tap Trigger has been added for G7 Scout and EVA-8 Auto. It’s a level 3 hop-up and will enable a two quick round burst for these guns.


The ultimate accelerant will now recharge your ultimate by 35% instead of 20% but it’s spawn has been reduced by 40%.

This Season saw some changes in the gold items. Gold bagpack has now a new perk called the Guardian angel. With this, players will be able to revive downed enemies with bonus health and shields. Gold Armor will now have the Fast Use perk which was earlier gold bagpack perk.

 There have been some Quality of Life changes and bug fixes as well. You can check them out here in the full patch notes.

The R-99 was nerfed with its mag size getting reduced. Now, the mag size will be – 18/20/23/27 instead of 18/22/26/30. Also, it received a recoil randomness for its spray patterns.

The prowler also got recoil randomness with same pattern in full-auto mode.

The longbow got its rate of fire nerfed back to 1.3 instead of 1.6. The leg damage multiplier is also reduced from 0.9 to 0.8

G7 scout got a damage buff and now it has a base damage of 34 instead of 30.

The hemlok also gets a damage buff from 18 to 22.

Mozambique got its spread and recoil reset time decreased.

The L-Star was one weapon which needed to be fixed and Respawn has reduced its horizontal recoil. It also will come attached with a 1X Digital Threat. But its base damage has been reduced from 21 to 19.

The fully kitted weapons have also been swapped for Season 3 –

  • Flatline
    • Includes 1x-2x optics
  • EVA-8
    • Includes 1x threat scope
  • TripleTake
    • 4x-10x Threat scope
  • G7 Scout
    • 2x-4x optics
  • Charge Rifle
    • 4x-10x threat scope

With the new Season comes the all new Battle Pass and we are getting gun charms and new emotes with the battle pass. There have also been some Quality of Life changes and bug fixes as well. You can check all of them out here in the full patch notes.

Apex Legends Season 3 patch notes

These were the major changes made to the game in Apex Legends Season 3 update. By the looks of it, this has to be one of the biggest update to the game ever since its launch! Are you excited for Apex Legends Season 3? Let us know your views in the comment section down below!

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