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The 5G edition of Samsung Galaxy S10 was the first commercially available 5G phone for the masses. Being a first generation product of its kind, the phone has some limitations compared to the regular LTE models.

Galaxy S10 5G: The US model is powered by Snapdragon X50 5G modem

One of the major shortcomings is the absence of a secondary SIM slot. Although US Snapdragon Galaxy S10 LTE units don’t feature dual SIMs, the Hong Kong specific model does.

As Snapdragon X50 is a separate modem (not part of the SoC), phone makers faced a number of challenges to assemble the extra antennas as well as maintaining a feasible power consumption. Presumably for these reasons, they preferred to stick with a single SIM design.

Mi MIX 3 5G supports only single SIM while the regular MIX 3 is dual SIM

Apparently the same confusion is affecting a huge chunk of OnePlus 7 Pro 5G users. The 5G model is currently sold via EE in UK, and people tend to ignore the fact that this particular variant lacks a second SIM slot.

I just received my OnePlus 7 Pro from EE today and tried to Install my main SIM and work SIM inside it. Installing my main sim was no problem, but I can’t figure out where to install my work SIM. I looked online and everywhere says it’s a dual SIM phone, looked online on how to insert both SIMs, but it’s completely different layout. So are carrier OnePlus phones single sim only?


The uncertainty is legit, as the 4G OnePlus 7 Pro sold in Europe does support two SIMs. Many third party sites overlooked this detail, although EE states it on their online shop.


However, the spec list on EE’s site contains several ambiguities and/or wrong information. The model of the SoC is absent, while the details about camera and display resolution are simply incorrect.

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Good news is, OnePlus Global Community Manager David Y. is aware of the anomalies. He has already notified the concerned department to take proper steps.


The controversy around the single SIM has not been resolved though, as some options do indicate the presence of a secondary (internal) slot. Perhaps the situation is quite similar to the T-Mobile saga.

On the other hand, some users having the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G are facing issues while installing the day-one OTA update. Either the signature verification has failed, or the update has simply stuck (even after using the full update zip).


I’m getting this same error too. I’ve done all the tricks I know of but it just seems to keep failing.

I have tried to install it with WiFi, data. Tried deleting it from the .ota folder from the file manager and reinstall. Tried wiping the cache from recovery. Tried manually copying it from the .ota folder and into the root to manually flash it using the system update. And factory reset. Nothing’s worked so far. I’m on EE too and pre-ordered the phone.


Fortunately the Shenzhen based OEM has found the root cause behind these issues. They are planning to roll out yet another update in this week to resolve the glitches while installing OTA updates (recursion, huh!).


As always, PiunikaWeb is keeping a tab on the situation. ?

Update 1 (June 7)

OnePlus has updated the kernel source of OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, and now we know the version number of the upcoming update: it should be OxygenOS 9.5.4.GM27BA.

Update 2 (June 18)

OnePlus is finally rolling out the second OTA update for the 5G variant of OnePlus 7 Pro. OxygenOS 9.5.4.GM27BA, however, lacks camera improvements. The changelog does not mention anything about installation issue fix as well.

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