In wake of Zepeto tracking rumors, here’s what you should know about the app/service

It would not be wrong to say that among the apps that were in news this week (including MovieBox and ShowBox), it was Zepeto that grabbed the headlines in the first half. Reason? Well, for those who aren’t aware, there were wild rumors that Zepeto tracks/records users.

Such was the intensity of rumors that a significant number of users even deleted the app. Presumably because of this, the company swung into action, and contacted PiunikaWeb about the matter. In an official statement given to us, they categorically refuted these rumors, and even explained when the app uses microphone.

While their statement should be enough to lay the matter to rest, we at PiunikaWeb thought of digging in the app’s terms of service to see what the company says there. We found several important details that we think Zepeto users should know. Also, having official info at hand helps keeping rumors at bay in situations like the one that cropped up this week.

Before we move ahead, it’s worth mentioning that the excerpts highlighted below are Google translated version of the original text, which is in Korean (Zepeto owner Snow Corp is a Korea based company). So if you find the language less than perfect, then you know why is that the case.

So without further ado, here’s what we found out about Zepeto:

The user has entered into a contract with Snow Co., Ltd. and is subject to the laws of the Republic of Korea regardless of whether the provisions of the law are in conflict

As part of this Service, the Company may send Service Notifications and Informative Messages to Users, which is a part of the Service and can not be unsubscribed

Children under 13 can not create an account. If you find that a child under the age of 13 has registered an account with us, please contact us immediately at ” ” to expedite the account’s deactivation.

All of your content can be viewed by others, and you can manage access to your content through the privacy settings feature

Employees of the company can see “User Content” uploaded to ZEPETO. Please note that although we take reasonable steps to safeguard your personal content, we can not guarantee 100% security and that third parties may break through security and access your personal content

Although not required, the Company may review, supervise and delete user content at any time at its sole discretion

You own all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in your content. However, by posting your content on ZEPETO, you are entitled to use that user content on all current and future media and distribution media (including machine learning and use of facial images, photos, and videos for the sole purpose of R & ) To the Company

Carefully consider the content and destination of the messages you send. Anyone can capture the screen, but do not save it or share it with friends. ZEPETO notifies the sender when it detects that a screen capture has occurred, but it does not guarantee 100% prevention

You should not attempt illegal activity through ZEPETO, and if you are under 18 years of age, you will not be able to view or share the content like Pornography, Content of the sensory content related to the exposure photograph and the minor (under 18), Content that the minors participate in physically dangerous and harmful acts, Privacy infringement, Threat, Harassment and bullying, Imitation, Self-harm

The Company may use and distribute user provided feedback unrestrictedly for commercial or other purposes without giving any notice or compensation to the Provision User, and the User shall not exercise any rights including copyrights and moral rights thereto

Snow Co., Ltd. may display advertisements directly on the service screen, through Naver or affiliated third parties in connection with the operation of the Snow Co., Ltd. service

You may be exposed to objectionable, sensational, or offensive material in the course of using the Services and agree to accept such risks by accessing and using the Services

The Company has taken reasonable measures to safeguard the user’s content, but it can not completely prevent 100% any risk from exposure to the content

In the case of a user who has an address or residence in a foreign country, regardless of the preceding paragraph, the Seoul Central District Court of the Republic of Korea shall be the court of competent jurisdiction over the dispute between Snow Co., Ltd. and the user

To access the complete Terms and Conditions, head here. In case you want to go through Snow Corps Privacy Policy, head here.

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