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[Spoilers] Psycho-Pass 3 'First Inspector' finally exposes Bifrost and Roundrobin

papri_das papri_das Apr 01, 2020 Anime,  News 0

Production I.G’s cyberpunk crime-action thriller Psycho-Pass has returned on Amazon Prime Video to finally conclude what it started in season 3, in a rather unusual fashion...

Psycho-Pass 3 Spoilers: After-credit scene from 'First Inspector' missing on Amazon Prime Video

papri_das papri_das Mar 30, 2020 Anime,  News 0

To conclude Psycho-Pass 3, a movie version called ‘First Inspector’ released in Japan last Friday. Simultaneously, Amazon Prime Video also released ‘First Inspector’ as a three-episode-long short...

Psycho-Pass 3: ‘First Inspector’ is out on Amazon Prime Video; Theme song released

papri_das papri_das Mar 27, 2020 Anime,  News 0

The wait is over guys! We will finally get closure to the mystery and bundle of questions that Psycho-Pass season 3 threw us into. The second half of Psycho...