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Counter-strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) update adds Christmas & festive elements to the game

vaibhav_chawla vaibhav_chawla Dec 11, 2019 Gaming,  News 0

‘Counterstrike’ is one of the best multiplayer shooting games that is available in the market. The game was launched on November 9, 2009, & its upgraded version Counter...

CS: GO – Players now cannot resell container keys

varun_malhan varun_malhan Oct 29, 2019 Gaming,  News 0

CS: GO container keys are the special keys that are bought with real money to open the in-game loot boxes. These keys are available in the market, and could...

CS: GO – Update includes 20th Anniversary Cases and Cache return

varun_malhan varun_malhan Oct 19, 2019 Gaming,  News 0

CS: GO received an update on October 18 which marked the 20th Anniversary of Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike was first released in November 1999. The update included the 20th Anniversary...