The Pixel 8a has been no stranger to leaks. Google themselves accidentally revealed the phone and now we’re seeing yet another leak. This time around, the Pixel 8a is shown off in the blue (Bay) and green (Mint) colors in a real-life video.

X user @Mohamma11824513 posted an image with a caption that reads: “The Google Pixel 8a device is now sold in some markets in Morocco.”

This post, however, appears to be a screengrab from a video shared by an account on Instagram named gsm_islame. Upon checking the account, I couldn’t find the video, but someone shared it on X. Check it out below:

Earlier leaks also confirmed the existence of the Bay and Mint color variants of the Pixel 8a, along with the Obsidian and Porcelain colors. So even though this new leaked video comes from an unknown source, and should be taken with a grain of salt, we think it might just be accurate.

That said, all signs point to the Pixel 8a being revealed in just a few weeks at Google’s annual I/O developer conference. Rumors also indicate the successor to the popular Pixel 7a may come with a higher price tag this year, though Google has kept pricing details tightly under wraps so far.

Featured image credits: @Mohamma11824513 / X

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