The debut of Google’s inaugural Pixel Fold left much to be desired, with the device facing various challenges right from the start. Its journey from being a long-standing rumor to a tangible product was fraught with hurdles, compounded by Google’s decision to hold back an earlier iteration. Consequently, the Pixel Fold struggled to compete effectively, particularly against counterparts like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and even the OnePlus Open, which boasted more polished experiences. As the gap between Google and its competitors widened, it became increasingly apparent that the tech giant needs to regroup and deliver a stronger successor.

Fortunately, with the teething problems of its first-gen foldable presumably behind it, Google appears poised to bounce back with a more formidable offering this year. While details of the Pixel Fold 2 have been scarce in the early rumor mill, indications suggest that the company is indeed working on another product in a similar vein. For those eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Pixel Fold 2, here’s a rundown of what we know so far and what to anticipate.

Google Pixel Fold 2: Design and specs

Early hints regarding a successor to the Pixel Fold emerged from an update to the Pixel Buds partner app in October 2023, referencing a cryptic device dubbed “Comet.” Recently, a leaked image purportedly showcases the Pixel Fold 2 sporting a significant redesign. Notable changes include a front display reminiscent of the OnePlus Open, complete with a similar hinge mechanism and slim side bezels. Additionally, the rear of the device flaunts a redesigned camera bump, marking a departure from the camera bar seen on the original Pixel Fold.

Accompanying the leaked image are details about the foldable screen, indicating Google’s shift to a camera cutout instead of embedding it within the top bezel. This adjustment mirrors Samsung’s early design choices for its foldable devices. As a result, the Pixel Fold 2’s display is expected to adopt a more square aspect ratio.


While the first-gen Pixel Fold boasted unique features like its notebook-style hinge and spacious outer screen, criticisms centered on its weight and certain design elements. Notably, competitors’ foldables weigh significantly less, prompting expectations for a lighter build in the Pixel Fold 2. Additionally, improvements in display technology, such as additional layers or anti-glare finishes, are anticipated to enhance the user experience. Furthermore, advancements in camera integration, including the potential adoption of under-display cameras, aim to minimize bezels and reduce visual distractions.

Regarding specifications, the processor powering the Pixel Fold 2 remains a subject of speculation, dependent on its launch timeline. While an annual refresh could see the device equipped with the Tensor G3 SoC found in the Pixel 8 Pro, rumors hint at the possibility of Google opting for the unannounced Tensor G4, codenamed “zumapro,” representing a significant performance boost. There’s also talk of up to 16GB RAM for the Pixel Fold 2, which would be a first for a Google phone depending on its release date.

Google Pixel Fold 2: Software

The software experience of the Pixel Fold 2 hinges on its launch timing, potentially shipping with Android 14 or Android 15 depending on its availability. Enhanced foldable-focused enhancements are expected, aligning with efforts by competitors like Samsung and OnePlus in optimizing their foldable devices’ software. MKBHD ranked the Pixel Fold his second-best foldable smartphone of 2023 behind the OnePlus Open, which is an honorable mention coming from one of the world’s best when it comes to smartphone reviews.

Google Pixel Fold 2: Cameras

Improvements in camera technology are anticipated for the Pixel Fold 2, building upon the strengths of its predecessor while addressing areas for enhancement identified in recent comparisons. Given the phone’s performance in MKBHD’s blind test, things can only get better.

Google Pixel Fold 2: Price and release date

Given the pricing trends in the Pixel lineup and the competitive landscape, it’s likely that the Pixel Fold 2 will retain a premium price point similar to its predecessor. However, improvements in availability are expected, with broader distribution beyond the initial limited launch regions. As for the release date, it remains contingent on factors such as chipset availability, with potential announcements timed around events like Google I/O or in alignment with the regular Pixel series launch cycle.

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