The Google Pixel Fold is a device with many virtues, but resistance or durability was not one of them during the JerryRigEverything tests, where it even got the title of least durable phone of 2023. In the same test, ‘traditional’ mobile phones from the company, like the Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a excelled.

That said, several reports suggest that the OnePlus Open could follow a similar path to the Pixel Fold with respect to durability. In recent weeks, numerous cases of damage to the device’s screen after very little use (even a couple of hours) have emerged.

Affected users have been publishing their cases on platforms such as Reddit, among which some stood out, such as the individual whose device began to show a huge black spot in the central part of the screen after just two hours of use.


Other reported cases include cracked screens, green spots, and even dead pixels. Furthermore, what most cases have in common is that the OnePlus Open was used for a short time and in a normal manner, without drops that caused damage, so the device’s screen seems quite prone to this type of issue.


The OnePlus Open was one of the most praised mobile devices of last year, even being declared by MKBHD and other tech reviewers as the best foldable released in 2023. Its combination of design, specs, cameras, and software features is undoubtedly quite striking, but the durability section could cloud the rest of the set, as happened with the Google Pixel Fold.

OnePlus support is not being helpful regarding OnePlus Open screen issues

One of the most bothersome things for affected users is how the customer support team is attending to them. For example, Redditor AdditionalSilver complained about having to wait up to 9 days to get a replacement for their device.

In another of the most striking cases, Redditor derekmt95 tells how OnePlus was charging them $826 to repair the screen issues on their OnePlus Open, even though they had purchased a protection plan, having to go through a tortuous process for the case to be addressed.


The same Redditor added updates to the status of their case, detailing a long back-and-forth process filled with annoyance and confusion, even being contacted by a member of the OnePlus team as their case gained traction. You can read the full experience at this link.

There is still no official word from the company about the reported OnePlus Open screen issues, but it will be quite important for their general image that they know how to deal with the situation correctly, and this includes treating the cases of affected users properly, seeking to avoid the frustration that some are already experiencing.

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