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The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S23 series is finally here. If you are a user of any device in the family or if you are interested in getting one, this article will be very helpful for you from now on.

In this tracker, we will constantly add all the new information that arises related to updates, bugs, and issues in the Galaxy S23 lineup. So, make sure you visit it frequently to stay on top of everything.


Samsung Galaxy S23 series software updates

This section will be dedicated to software updates (including security patches) coming to the entire Samsung Galaxy S23 series from now on. We have also enclosed a list of vital official resources that you may find useful:

Presented below is the data that we’ve compiled up until now.

Info. last updated on Device Version Region Changelog/Update contents
Feb. 10, 2023 All S91xUSQU1AWA6 Verizon (US) January 2023 security patch
Feb. 21, 2023 All S91xBXXU1AWBD Europe February 2023 security patch
Mar. 30, 2023 All S91xNKSU1AWC8 Korea New camera features & improvements
Apr. 6, 2023 S23 Ultra S918BXXU1AWC8 India April 2023 security patch
Apr. 11, 2023 All S91xUSQU1AWC8 US April 2023 security patch
May 02, 2023 All S91xBXXS1AWD1 Europe May 2023 security patch
Jun. 5, 2023 All Android 14 beta coming soon
Jun. 16, 2023 All S91xBXXU2AWF1 Indonesia June 2023 security patch
Jun. 27, 2023 All S91xUSQU1AWF3 US & China June 2023 security patch
Jul. 3, 2023 All S91xUSQU1AWF3 US & China June 2023 security patch
Jul. 3, 2023 All One UI 6.0 beta internal testing
Jul. 4, 2023 All One UI 6.0 beta coming on 3rd week of July
Jul. 6, 2023 All US unlocked July 2023 security patch
Jul. 6, 2023 All US carrier-locked (T-Mobile) July 2023 security patch
Jul. 13, 2023 All S91xBXXS3AWF9 India July 2023 security patch
Jul. 25, 2023 All One UI 6.0 beta forum live
Jul. 27, 2023 All One UI 6.0 beta to arrive on Aug. 2
Aug. 8, 2023 All One UI 6.0 beta update delayed by a day
Aug. 8, 2023 All S911xXXU3AWGJ Asia August 2023 security patch
Aug. 11, 2023 All Korea, Germany & the US One UI 6.0 beta
Aug. 31, 2023 All China, India, UK, & Poland One UI 6.0 beta
Aug. 15, 2023 All Korea One UI 6.0 beta 1 hotfix update
Aug. 17, 2023 All US August 2023 security patch
Sept. 1, 2023 All Korea & Germany One UI 6.0 beta 2
Sept. 7, 2023 All S91xUSQS1AWHD US September 2023 update
Sept. 8, 2023 All Google Fi (US) Android 14 beta
Sept. 14, 2023 All US, Germany, India & the UK One UI 6.0 beta 3
Sept. 25, 2023 All ZWIC USA One UI 6.0 beta 4
Sept. 28, 2023 All ZWIK UK One UI 6.0 beta 5
Oct. 26, 2023 Galaxy S23 FE (Verizon) S711USQU1AWI9 US September 2023 patch

Bugs, issues, and problems

In this section you will find the current status of all the bugs and issues that arise in all models of the Galaxy S23 family.

Info. last updated on Device Bug description Status
Feb. 02, 2023 All Pre-order issues Unacknowledged
Feb. 03, 2023 All Camera shutter lag Improved
Feb. 06, 2023 All Support for seamless A/B updates Not available
Feb. 27, 2023 All Internal Storage using a lot of space Explanation
Feb. 07, 2023 All Delivery date for Google-Fi buyers pushed to March Unacknowledged
Feb. 08, 2023 All T-Mobile pre-order buyers SIM got swapped to unshipped device Unacknowledged
Feb. 16, 2023 All Android Auto connection errors Unacknowledged
Feb. 16, 2023 All Super fast charging option missing from settings Workaround
Feb. 20, 2023 All Minor defect/bubble in corner of screen Acknowledged | No fix
Feb. 22, 2023 All Wi-Fi disconnecting, ‘no internet’ or speed throttling Workarounds
Feb. 23, 2023 All Poor front camera quality Unacknowledged
Feb. 23, 2023 All Clicking sound when switching to front camera or closing it Unacknowledged
Feb. 24, 2023 All All app alerts or notifications sound the same Unacknowledged
Mar. 03, 2023 S23 Ultra S-Pen keeps disconnecting Unacknowledged (workarounds)
Mar. 07, 2023 All Display dull or washed out Unacknowledged
Apr. 04, 2023 All Photos are blurry on sides and edges Unacknowledged
Mar. 15, 2023 All Jittery scrolling animations Unacknowledged (Workarounds)
Mar. 27, 2023 All Fingerprint scanner or biometric unlock inconsistent or slow Unacknowledged (Workarounds)
Mar. 31, 2023 All Cannot connect to switch on Pokemon Go Investigating
Apr. 18, 2023 S23 Ultra HDR processing issues Fix coming in next update
May 04, 2023 All WhatsApp reportedly accessing the microphone in the background (when not in use) Unacknowledged (Workarounds)
May 05, 2023 S23 Ultra Black or purple smearing issue (blurry text when scrolling) Unacknowledged (Workarounds)
Jun. 23, 2023 All June update delayed or halted due to ‘bugs’ found with Europe rollout Rollout reportedly resumed
Jun. 26, 2023 All Eye comfort shield stays on even when there’s a schedule Unacknowledged
Jun. 26, 2023 All Inconsistent color palette with notification icons Unacknowledged
Jun. 26, 2023 All ‘Faster post processing’ or ‘Faster capture’ options removed from Camera Unacknowledged
Jun. 29, 2023 All Fingerprint sensor icon disappearing from lock screen after installing June 2023 update Unacknowledged
Jun. 30, 2023 S23 Ultra Front camera distortion (face zoomed-in) after June update Unacknowledged
Jul. 25, 2023 All ‘High bitrate videos’ option in 8K 30fps mode allegedly removed after the latest camera update Unacknowledged
Sept. 6, 2023 All Battery draining fastly Unacknowledged (Workarounds)
Sept. 6, 2023 All Randomly rebooting Workaround
Oct. 10, 2023 All Samsung Expert RAW app broken Unacknowledged

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Tracker section so be sure to follow them as well.

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