Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra black or purple smearing issue (blurry text when scrolling) troubles some users, workaround inside

As compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has surely introduced upgrades to S23 Ultra in terms of camera and display quality and performance

However, it appears that the display lacks in some places.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra black or purple smearing issue

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), multiple Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra owners are experiencing a black or purple smearing issue resulting in blurred text when scrolling at lower screen brightness levels.

This makes it difficult for one to look at or identify important text whenever they have to scroll through a ton of information. Users claim that the problem is persistent even on higher refresh rates.

Apparently, this happens because OLEDs on smartphones have traditionally poor response times while transitioning through dark grey when showing true black.


Also, while swiping across a black background, a ghosting trail appears frequently which is known as a purple or black smear.

Even though the high-refresh-rate OLEDs have significantly reduced the intensity, it could not be fully reduced.

Due to this, such distortions are noticeable to users at medium brightness display settings. However, these appear to get worse as soon as the brightness level is reduced.

can anyone tell me how to get rid of this annoying black smearing on my s23 ultra, coz i am about to throw this phone into a wall.

Ghosting/blurry text when scrolling, especially white on black (s23 ultra).

And as per the reports (1,2), it appears that this problem was there on the Galaxy S22 Ultra as well.

Even though the displays used in Apple’s phones are also manufactured by Samsung, still Apple has managed to eliminate black or purple smearing issues completely.

This indicates that the company might have optimized it through tweaks to the software.

Potential workaround

Fortunately, you can enable the Enhanced Comfort feature in order to get rid of this issue. However, there may be some conditions under which it may still get triggered.

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Having said that, we will keep tabs on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra black or purple smearing issue and update this article to reflect noteworthy information.

Featured image source: Samsung.

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