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Since its release in 2016, Pokemon Go has captivated millions of players worldwide, merging the virtual world of Pokemon with the real world through augmented reality.

The game’s concept includes exploring your surroundings, capturing Pokemon, and engaging in battles at local landmarks.

However, various bugs and issues (1,2,3) hinder this simple process every now and then, thus ruining the gameplay.

And now, the recently introduced feature ‘Nearby Routes’ has become the cause of frustration for Pokemon Go players.


A Route is a pre-defined path that one can find while exploring. These routes are either created by Niantic or other trainers.

Pokemon Go ‘Nearby Routes’ missing

However, a recent glitch is preventing several trainers from finding the ‘Nearby Routes’. These routes are either missing or not available for Pokemon Go players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

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Dude. I’ve been to SO many locations throughout my state and haven’t found a single route. What am I supposed to do lmao

3 days, and still no routes in my town to explore or the option to create routes! This is absolutely ridiculous! With 23 hrs to go before the event ends! @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp

Niantic had launched a limited-period (July 21 – July 24) Blaze New Trails event to celebrate the launch of the Routes feature. This event also required players to capture the legendary Pokemon, Zygarde, by following Routes.

However, players have been encountering problems preventing them from finding any Routes or even have the opportunity to create one.

I can’t. I cannot make a route and there are no routes near me. I cannot evolve my Zygarde or finish the tasks & I am a level 40. Wth? 😡🥺😔😒

The absence of the ‘Nearby Routes’ feature has left players feeling disconnected from the thrill of Zygarde exploration that made the new event in Pokemon Go so unique.

Here’s the official response

According to Niantic, anyone can explore Routes but only a select few Pokemon Go players are now able to create new Routes. Additionally, they confirmed that the same will soon have wider access.

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The issue has also been added to the ‘Known Issue’ list of the Niantic help center. The team has even addressed crashing issues for Android users while creating or playing routes.

Since there is no ETA for a fix, those affected can wait for the team to come up with a resolution at the earliest.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on the issue with Pokemon Go Nearby Routes missing for players and update this article to reflect the latest information.

Update 1 (July 25, 2023)

10:26 am (IST): Some players who have access to routes are now reporting (1, 2, 3) that routes are auto-pausing along the way.

Update 2 (July 26, 2023)

06:33 pm (IST): Niantic support took to Twitter to report that the release 277.2 will fix the problem where Route suddenly pauses.

Thank you for playing Routes, Jordi! The issue where Route gets paused unexpectedly should be resolved in release 277.2. If you haven’t already, make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Let us know if you continue experiencing trouble! ^GK

Update 3 (July 27, 2023)

12:23 pm (IST): According to the support team, the partial fix for the crashing issue is available since 277.2 update. However, players are still reporting crashes.

Even though Niantic support confirmed that they’ve mitigated the crashing issue with 277.2 update, some players are still reporting this problem.

Update 4 (July 28, 2023)

05:36 pm (IST): Some users are able to see and complete routes. However, Pokestops are not showing up for them during routes.

Update 5 (July 31, 2023)

05:26 pm (IST): Some players are upset that the routes can only be finished in one direction. The game’s present mechanics are causing problems, such as difficulty while beginning the path or losing Zygarde cells along the road (1,2).

Update 6 (August 1, 2023)

05:23 pm (IST): A Pokemon Go player believes that the company’s lack of test servers is to blame for the multiple problems with routes. As a result, they use the initial deployment as their first opportunity to identify issues.

Update 7 (August 2, 2023)

11:29 am (IST): For those Zygarde cells are not showing up in the inventory or even spawning along the routes, here’s a potential workaround in order to make the cells to show up.


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