Titanfall 2, the highly acclaimed first-person shooter video game released in 2016 by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, has garnered a dedicated fanbase over the years.

The game introduced the revolutionary concept of Titans, colossal combat mechs, that players can pilot in exhilarating single and multiplayer battles.

As the community eagerly awaits updates and improvements, new rumors have surfaced regarding exciting changes allegedly coming to the game.

Titanfall 2 allegedly adds Spicy Attrition, new coliseum guns and more

Among the rumors, one feature that has the community abuzz is the potential return of ‘Spicy Attrition’. This game mode was initially introduced in the Operation Endeavor update.

Titanfall 2 allegedly adds Spicy Attrition
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While the mode was a hit during its limited run, it eventually disappeared from the matchmaking playlist, leaving players yearning for its return.

Recently, Titanfall 2 players have started sharing screenshots suggesting that Spicy Attrition may be making a comeback. The option to select the game mode seems to be appearing in the playlist.

Despite this, players say that they couldn’t get into a match.

They changed the playlists, but we still can’t even get a game.

Coliseum, another beloved game mode featured in Titanfall 2, offers intense one-versus-one battles between Pilots in a round-based elimination format.

In a recent leak, it was revealed that two new guns, named ‘Mozam’ and ‘Charge Rifle’, are set to be added to the Coliseum.

they also added mozam and charge rifle to coliseum

The action-packed ‘Pilots vs. Pilots’ game mode is known for its 8v8 battles, where players face off without the aid of their formidable Titans.

It’s a showcase of pure Pilot skills and tactics, and now, it appears that Respawn is taking this mode up a notch.

According to reports, Respawn is raising the point cap in this game mode to 180, encouraging more intense and prolonged engagements.

Titanfall 2 PvP point cap at 180

As the rumors spread like wildfire, it’s essential to exercise caution and remember that these are not official announcements.

Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed these features in an official capacity, and it’s possible that the leak may prove inaccurate or that the listed features are still subject to change.

However, the fact that players are noticing changes in the game without a client-side update suggests that Respawn might be conducting a server-side update, a strategy they have employed in the past.

Playlists are server side, there’s no client-side update to the game

With the potential of exciting new content on the horizon, the Titanfall 2 community is buzzing with anticipation.

However, there are also skeptics within the community, who think the timing of the ‘revival’ update seems like an attempt to appease disgruntled COD player base since the latest Season 4 Reloaded update.

Issues like crashing and low FPS or frame drops have resurfaced. While the newer additions like ‘The Boys’ skins superpowers and changes to ‘Plea for Help’ haven’t gone down well.

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