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Infinity Ward recently released the v1.21 update for Modern Warfare 2, which brings several fixes for known issues and adds new content to the game.

For instance, the recent patch addresses the bug which made the game crash when equipping the Liquid Hot Blueprint and changing the receiver. It also introduces tweaks to weapon balancing, including buffs and nerfs.

The latest update also introduces tweaks to the ISO 45 SMG, Vaznev-9k LMG, Kastov 762, TAQ-56 and many more weapons, and adds the Vondel Waterfront map as well.

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COD Modern Warfare 2 DMZ ‘Plea for Help’ system changes leaves players disappointed

In addition to this, the Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 update has also introduced changes to the DMZ mode’s ‘Plea for Help’ system.

And by looking at the reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), it appears that this change has not been well received by multiple players.

The DMZ mode in MW2 allows gamers to use the ‘Plea for Help’ option when they get separated from their team, caught in an enemy firefight, and ultimately die.


Although this feature can only be used when playing with friends and at least one of them is still alive in the match. Once activated, a call is made to both allies and opponents in close proximity to the person’s body.

And the one who discovers it, whether friend or foe, has two options: grab the player’s loot and eliminate them, or bring them back to their own squad.

However, after the recent modifications, members of the squad that killed a rival can no longer pick them up or revive them. Fortunately, they can be revived by gamers from other teams or their own.

Players claim that this change makes the game less tactical and more frustrating.


My squad ran into a nice squad last night. I asked if I could kill one of them so we could test the new plea system. I full killed one of them. His squad revived him. My squad sent an invite. His teammates joined my squad, but he couldn’t.

A gamer says that after the recent update, their pleas don’t appear to the teams that have killed them. In addition, when they kill others, their pleas do not appear to them.

Another adds that one can now only hope that another team happens to pass by and revive you.

The team that killed you is unable to see your plea by design … just like if you kill someone you do not see the plea.

According to the developers, this change aims to prevent situations where players are purposefully killed in order to forcibly incorporate them into another group.

Due to this, the team members who eliminated the individual will not receive the ‘plea for help’ request and will be unable to recruit the player into their squad.

Some even believe that the developers are not going to change the system on their feedback and that they now have to adapt to the new mechanics.

Having said that, we’ll keep tabs on this topic and update you as events unfold.

Update 1 (July 17, 2023)

12:50 pm (IST): A player explained on Reddit their bad experience with the changes applied to the ‘Plea for Help’ system:

Picture this, I am playing the game and I go down. Ok no problem I can self res. When that doesn’t work out and I fully die near a stronghold, I plea and some kind solo player picks me up just for the bots to immediately down me and send me back to the lobby.

WHY even bother pleading and waiting to see if someone would give you a hand anymore when they can’t even revive you again if you happen to get down just as you got up?

Update 2 (July 18, 2023)

05:16 pm (IST): According to some players (1, 2), the changes are causing them to leave DMZ until they revert them.

Note: There are more such stories in our dedicated COD: Modern Warfare 2 bugs, issues & new features tracker section so be sure to follow them as well.

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