Roku is a prominent streaming service that provides a wide range of entertainment options and a user-friendly interface to viewers across the globe.

Thanks to its smooth navigation system and vast content libraries, viewers can simply search for and watch their favorite movies, TV series, and other forms of entertainment.

However, like any other streaming platform, Roku is also not immune to various bugs and issues.

Roku Express 4K+

For instance, we recently covered the issues where the NBC Sports app for Roku was not working properly and the Roku mobile app for iOS was stuck on the loading screen. Now, a new one has surfaced.

Coach episodes appear blurry and pixelated on Roku

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), multiple Roku users are facing an issue where some episodes of the Coach appear blurry and pixelated.

They claim that the picture quality is extremely poor to the point of being unwatchable, akin to a low resolution of 244p with no increase to 480p or 720p.

Surprisingly, users are facing such an issue even when their internet connectivity is normal and they can stream content on other platforms without any hiccups.


And without a doubt, the poor picture quality makes it difficult for one to watch and enjoy the show. Notably, this issue seems to be limited to this specific show since others on the Roku app are unaffected.

An impacted user says even though the video quality was fine during the first episode, with the next episodes, they experienced buffering, blurring, and stuttering, with no improvement over time.

While binging some shows on your network i.e.,Coach….The quality us really really poor on season #5…

Another adds that the picture quality is absolutely terrible, especially on the third and fourth episodes.

Can you fix the quality of the show Coach. It went bad recently – very pixelated @TheRokuChannel @Roku #roku.

Users have tried troubleshooting actions recommended by Roku, such as uninstalling and reinstalling the Roku channel or restarting the device, but to no effect.

Nevertheless, the troubles of Roku users don’t end up here.

‘Maximum users streaming’ error on Roku

A section of Roku users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) also receive a ‘Maximum users streaming’ error in-between playback.

As per the allegations, they are told that their account is being used on the maximum number of supported devices at the given instance. They are also asked to stop streaming content on one of the devices.

And to their surprise, users get such an error even when they are playing videos on the device itself. This is undoubtedly quite frustrating and annoying.

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Notably, some are experiencing such problems while trying to stream content from AMC+, Acorn TV, and Britbox as well.

One of those affected claims that they cannot get rid of the issue even by switching the device’s location in guest mode or resetting their account password.

I started having this issue yesterday as well. It’s rather annoying. I put TVs I use at another location in guest mode and reset my password, but the message keeps showing up. I hope there is an easy resolution to this problem.

The sad part is that the only contact info for ROKU customer service is a live chat…..I cannot find a phone number to call to address the issue….If anyone can respond with a better way to contact them, either by phone or email, please post! Thank you!

Users are now requesting the app developers to resolve both these problems as soon as possible so that they can enjoy watching the episodes as intended.

Official response

Luckily, a community moderator on the Roku forums has responded to the matter and asked those affected to provide information related to the bug in PM.

They have assured that the relevant information will be passed on to the Roku team for the necessary investigation.

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We are hopeful that Roku will resolve this problem soon.

That said, we’ll continuously monitor the issue where Coach episodes appear blurry and pixelated and users get a ‘Maximum users streaming’ error on Roku, and update the article with the latest information.

Note: We have more such stories in our News section, so be sure to follow them as well.

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