The Motorola Razr V3i was the first ever mobile phone that I got to fully interact with. This was in 2009, and the thing I loved most about it was the never-ending satisfaction of flipping to end calls with a resounding snap.

This sound gave my life a whole new meaning, although there weren’t so many calls to receive at the time. Perhaps this explains the excitement when I heard of the news about the June 1 launch for the Motorola Razr 40 series.

It will be the fourth release since Motorola revived the clamshell foldable phone lineup back in 2019. The new series, as usual, brings hardware improvements in terms of performance, photography, battery life, and so on.


But even as I try to tame my excitement (after all, I’m pretty sure the pricing will be way beyond my pockets), there’s more I’d like to see Motorola do with not only the new Moto Razr 40 series, but also other smartphones.

Here’s the thing, and I’ll give you a very specific example. LG exited the smartphone market a couple of years ago, promising to continue supporting some of its devices with regular updates.

Today, as I write this, LG is doing a much better job with software updates compared to Motorola, a company that is still very much in the smartphone business.


The first update to Android 13 arrived for the LG Velvet back in February before the LG V60 ThinQ picked up the firmware a few weeks later.

But the first Motorola device, the Moto Edge 30 Ultra, had to wait until a few weeks later to bag the update to Android 13. It took another waiting before the Moto Edge 30 Pro joined the party.

As of this writing, only three more Motorola devices have joined the Edge 20 Ultra and Edge 30 Pro. This is from a list of twenty Moto devices that were promised to begin receiving the update in early 2023.

Even more interesting is that Motorola has rolled out Android 13 update to only five devices, a whole nine months after Google released the OS to its Pixel line of devices.

And even for those who have picked up the update, there are a bunch of annoying bugs already doing the rounds, among them screen flickering, overheating and excessive battery draining.


Android 13 was announced exactly 9 months ago! “Early 2023″… Yeah, right! What a lying company that has no respect for its users at all.

Motorola has at least 15 more devices to upgrade to Android 13. This is at a time when the next iteration to Android 14 is already available for some devices in beta.

Given how slow the rollout has been, it would be dreaming if anyone expected the remaining devices to bag the update in time for Android 14 update to roll out before this year.

If anything, it’s most likely that Motorola Android 14 update will begin rolling out in 2024. And it’s quite unfortunate that this isn’t the first time Motorola is taking its sweet time to roll out a new OS to eligible devices.

It is disappointing by any standards, especially coming from a company with such an established reputation in the mobile phone industry. And it’s understandable that some are even asking for refunds.


And even more disappointing is that, as noted, Android 14 beta is already in public preview, with only a few months between now and the official release.

Given Motorola still has a majority of its Android 13-compatible devices still running Android 12, it looks like a dream expecting the company to provide Android 14 updates to eligible devices before the end of this year.

Still, here’s to hoping that Motorola’s Android 14 rollout will be a little quicker than the disasterclass that Android 13 has been.

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