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YouTube comments section is one of the ways for users to interact with their favorite video creators. Content creators can also reply or ‘Heart’ these comments, as well as highlight one above all others.

However, it is not a secret that YouTube comments sometimes behave erratically. In the past we have covered reports where the entire section would never load, or error messages when trying to comment.


Now, some YouTube users are reporting an issue where their comments are getting stuck on loading or instantly disappearing when posting through the app.

YouTube comments disappearing or stuck on loading when posting

Posting a comment on a YouTube video through the app is as easy as typing it, touching the ‘Send’ button (a small horizontal triangle) and waiting for the ‘spinning circle’ to finish loading.

Normally, comments should send instantly. However, the ‘spinning circle’ is getting perpetually stuck for some when trying to post a comment on a video (1, 2).

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@TeamYouTube I am unable to post comments on any youtube videos. It just keeps loading and loading. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

@YouTube Why do my comments on people’s videos get stuck on send? There’s nothing wrong with my Internet but I’ve noticed the past few weeks I’m unable to comment on different videos.

The issue appears to be affecting the YouTube app on multiple platforms. But posting comments through the web version seems to be working correctly.

Happens across both devices I use, Android app and PS5.

You’re not understanding my problem. See I’m able to post comments from web browser but not from the App. Hope it helps.

There are also cases of YouTube users whose comments disappear immediately after being posted. They do not get any error messages, but their comments simply are not there after sending them.


Comments disappear immediately on every channel

Regardless of the content of the comment, the comment is immediately deleted. I tested it on several channels and it disappeared right away on all channels. It’s not like you’re blocked on a specific channel.

When I reply to someone’s comment, my reply just dissapears as soon as it’s sent. Someone in a comment section was complaining about a blind person not letting them pet their seeing eye dog, and I don’t normally reply much, but I thought it was very important to describe to them the importance of not distracting a guide dog, so I detailed why, but the reply just won’t show up after I hit send no matter what I do

Issue under investigation, potential workaround

Fortunately, the YouTube team is already aware of the issue that is affecting comments. They are looking into it, but there is no ETA for a fix yet.


In the meantime, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the app as a potential workaround.

Yeah it happens to me a lot. I’ve found I have to download and delete the app until it works.

We will update this story as events unfold in the future.

Update 1 (Mar 28, 2023)

09:39 am (IST): It seems that the issue with disappearing comments has already been resolved. However, if the problem persists, try logging out and back into your account and upgrading the app to the most recent version.

sorry to hear this! we’re able to confirm that the issue w/ disappearing comments has already been fixed. if you’re still having issues, you can try signing out/in of your acct + updating the app to the latest version. lmk how it goes

NOTE: You can also check the YouTube bugs/issues tracker.

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