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Electronic Arts (also known simply as ‘EA’) is one of the best-known companies in the video game industry. The company has in its catalog some of the most iconic franchises with decades behind them.

For instance, many sports simulations (such as FIFA, Madden, F1 and NHL) are from EA. They are also the developers of sagas like Titanfall, The Sims, as well as the publishers of Apex Legends.

For years, Origin has been the official launcher and store of EA. But in October 2022, they launched EA app as their new launcher that will replace Origin.


That said, players are concerned about the future of Origin and the potential shutdown of the launcher as the EA app’s current state is far from ideal due to bugs and other issues.

The EA app is currently full of bugs and issues

Since its release, the glitches have been somewhat constant in the EA app. Players have reported all kinds of problems while trying to enjoy their games.

Sadly, months later, the situation does not seem to have changed. Currently, new reports of problems with Origin’s successor continue to emerge constantly.

One of the most common EA app issues causes game downloads to get stuck. This prevents gamers from finishing downloading games from their library.

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What idiot programmed this?

It’s absolutely incredible. It is absolutely impossible to download anything with this crappy app. After a few seconds it says “download in progress” even though it’s not, and then three or four times after that it tells me I don’t have internet even though it’s proven to be the case.

This bug can not only occur with games, but also with their updates.

It’s 2023 and the EA app is complete garbage still. Any help?

I’m just at a loss for how bad this app is. It’s now pretty much the only way to access EA games and it simply doesn’t work. Totally unusable.

Essentially the issue I’m having is FIFA 23 requires a 3 gig update, however the app is downloading it at a rate which will take weeks, and saying “calculating time” rather than actually downloading it.

Another common glitch causes games to go missing from the EA app catalog with no apparent explanation. Not only do the games disappear, but also DLCs or additional content.


Game is gone from EA app (FIFA 23)

Ive redeemed the game through a code, and after I did buy ea play pro to get some of its benefits, and now after my ea play ended the game completely disappeared from the app and only option given are purchase the game which I already own or ea play again

lost all my sims 4 addons

i logged into the same account on the fucking ea app that had ALL my purchases but i cant find them. i spent well over $100 on addons and i cant find them anywhere. help

Also, for other players, the games (or even the launcher itself) are not starting.


My fifa 22 does not launch

I played the game for more than 100 hours without problems, but since i migrated to ea app i can’t play the game.

Game already running error?

Just started playing the Sims 4 running on the new EA application and anytime I try to open the game it says the game is already playing.

It’s worth pointing out that EA games are forcing players to go through EA app. Even if you bought the game on external platforms (such as Steam), you will be redirected to the EA app.


Battlefield 3 from gamepass not working

Hey. Recently, I downloaded Battlefield 3, from pc game pass ultimate. Well, I never tried any EA game on my pc neither used origin before. Problem is, after installing the game on game pass, it redirected me to the EA desktop app

Recent Origin server outages raise fears about a near shutdown

Origin, the predecessor of EA app, usually behaves solidly. However, the behavior of their servers in the last few hours is making players fear the worst.

It seems that Origin servers experienced an outage recently, something that doesn’t seem to be common. This has raised suspicions that the Origin shutdown date is very close.


Origin hasn’t been working for me all day. I’m scared that it might be the end. I don’t want to go back to the EA app.

Origin is being replaced with the EA Desktop App eventually and this is the first time my Origin hasn’t worked

As of today, there is no specific date for the Origin shutdown, which feeds the uncertainty of the players in this regard.

Potential workarounds for the EA app bugs and issues

EA team posted an acknowledgment related to a recent EA app outage, claiming that it had already been fixed. However, reports related to problems in the company’s new launcher do not stop appearing.

Also, according to a user, EA is aware of the ‘missing games and DLCs’ bug, but there is no official public word about it.

In the meantime, there are potential workarounds for some of the more common EA app bugs.

If you are facing the glitch where your downloads are stuck or extremely slow, you can try running the EA app as administrator.


For the issue where your games or add-ons are missing from the launcher, you can try the following:

The solution that worked for me was to clear the app cache through the three lines on top right -> Help -> App recovery

If the above workaround didn’t work for you, you can bypass the EA app and run your games directly by searching for the executable file from your OS File Explorer:

All you need to do is bypass the EA app by finding the game files in your pc files and launch it from there.

I’m trying to play Apex, so I found the Apex file in file explorer clicked on it and it started right up no problem. The

We will update this story as events unfold.

Update 1 (February 24, 2023)

01:40 pm (IST): It seems that the EA app performance has not improved in several weeks. Multiple players keep experiencing multiple issues such as games not showing, error messages and more (1, 2, 3).

Also, things are getting worse for some players as EA app is forcing them to use it instead of Origin client, preventing access to some games that are not loading (1, 2).

So, although there is no date for the Origin shutdown yet, EA app seems to be a long way from being the ideal successor.

Update 2 (March 17, 2023)

10:25 am (IST): Origin client shutdown has not yet completed. However, EA is already forcing EA App to play some major games, like The Sims 4.

Sadly, EA App stability doesn’t seem to have improved at all in months. So, many players are facing multiple issues with the latest Sims 4 ‘Growing Together’ expansion.

There are reports where the expansion is not downloading, starting, or is missing from the players library. More on that here.

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