The Sims 4 asking players to manually flag inappropriate or offensive Gallery uploads leaves many unimpressed

EA’s life simulation game, The Sims 4 gives its players the freedom to build their dream homes, create unique characters, and more.

However, some players have lately been taking undue advantage of these features to load the game with some disturbing and offensive characters.

The Sims 4 offensive Gallery uploads

Many Sims 4 players are mortified to find offensive content that some have been recently uploading to the game’s gallery.


If we can’t even upload sims like Vlad or Ophelia Nigmos to the gallery because of their names, you SURELY can flag the word Hitler.

@EA should be held somewhat responsible for this shit… not only are they allowing antisemitism, they’re allowing racism to be posted to the @TheSims gallery. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was anti-LGBTQIA stuff on there too.😐

It appears that the gallery is loaded with some unusually derogatory words, slurs, and graphics. Much to players’ dismay, they have stumbled upon various instances where they would find certain characters dressed exactly how Jews used to in the concentration camps.

This is quite surprising because some feel that there are already words like Vlad or Ophelia Nigmos that have been flagged by the team as they go against their community guidelines.

But the active presence of words like ‘Hitler’, ‘Plantation’, and ‘Slavery’ in the game indicates that they might have slipped past the filters of the Sims 4 team.

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Official acknowledgment

Although, the developers have acknowledged the issue where The Sims 4 contains offensive Gallery uploads but are asking the players to manually flag the content that is ‘wholly unacceptable’.


This has further antagonized many as they feel that it is primarily the duty of the team to moderate such offensive content.

Moreover, some are of the view that the number of hours spent reporting or flagging such content can be seriously harmful to people’s mental health and may cause certain triggers.

Even better, others are recommending a complete overhaul to purge the gallery of any inappropriate content.

This is not a solution this is a bandaid and a bad one. Players have already been flagging content for years (even content that doesn’t deserve it and it never gets reviewed). The gallery needs an overhaul and it needs people actively managing it. It’s your platform, do something

With that said, we hope that the team comes up with a plan to combat this issue and keep reporting inappropriate content themselves beforehand.

We will keep tabs on the latest development and update this story as and when anything noteworthy comes up.

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Featured image source: EA

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