Dead by Daylight Mobile Account Migration issues troubling players, here's what we know

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Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular multiplayer survival games. It not only has console and PC versions, but even a version for smartphones and tablets: Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Dead by Daylight Mobile seeks to replicate the same experience offered by the main versions, but in a portable format. In the past we have covered some issues related to this version (1, 2).


Now, Dead by Daylight Mobile players are facing Migration issues when trying to import their accounts to the improved version of the game.

Dead by Daylight Mobile multiple Account Migration issues

Dead by Daylight Mobile developers announced some time ago that the game would receive a new version with several improvements. Apparently, a lot of the new version was re-made from scratch.

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For this reason, the new version requires players to import their accounts from the old version of the game. That is, it is not a simple update like players are used to, but a ‘new game’ or remake.

That said, multiple players are reporting issues during the migration process. For instance, those whose original account is associated with a Google email are receiving error messages.

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Google Migration Fails

When I log in to my Google Account on the new version my game is fine. When I’m trying to migrate my process, it says it failed. I did every step right and I don’t know what to do .. any thoughts?

Also, for some players, the ‘link Google account’ option does not even appear.

Can anyone help me? so Ive been trying to log in to my old account which had alot of perks and characters. the problem is that I used Google to log in it and when I tried to login in there’s no google option.. and it only shows “Migration Compensation” instead of “Account Migration”

Similarly, there are cases of players whose accounts were reset upon completing the migration. The new version is not detecting the old account either for some players.

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i had my game saved and migrated the game and it reset my shit wtf

‘Partial migration’ is also being a problem during the process. That is, there are cases of players who completed the account migration, but part of their items (or even their friends lists) are lost.

Migration didn’t completely work for me. I wasn’t compensated for Steve and the Scoops Ahoy outfit. And I’m missing Ace and Feng + the cosmetics I bought for them. Also no pre registration Feng outfit?

@DbDMobile I did the migration but I can’t find my friends anymore

It is possible that some cases of data loss or failed migration are due to incorrect execution of the process. You can check this link to know in detail how to do the migration correctly.

There is still no official word on this situation from the dev team. We will update this story as events unfold.

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