Soundcloud, Amazon Music & Tidal users also want Wrapped or Year in review feature like Spotify

Everyone’s talking about the Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped. It’s truly a dream come true for music enthusiasts as these platforms also help them boast their music preferences.

This explains why some Apple Podcasts, Pandora, and YouTube users also set out to call for a similar feature in lieu of Wrapped and Replay.

The desire to have something like ‘Year in Review’, ‘End of year stats’, and listening stats purely comes from the nostalgic thrill or mood that these sites create.

Wrapped on SoundClound, Amazon, and Tidal

Interestingly enough, Tidal, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music users (1,2,3,4,5) are now also anticipating or yearning to have something like Wrapped.


i wish amazon music had a cool thing like spotify wrapped or stats or anything but no, just a mystery

I use Amazon Music and I am not old. Although I’m a little sad I don’t have a “Wrapped”.

While a number of people are sharing their listening stats with the rest of the world, Amazon Music users are also coming out to express their desire to be able to do so.

Moreover, it’ll be unfair for Amazon Music to not have its Wrapped or Replay feature when almost every other major platform is already pushing out its own version.

Similarly, several SoundCloud users (1,2,3,4,5) have taken to social media platforms to ask for their own wrapped feature.


I wish soundcloud did a wrapped because I’d love to see how much void, la rain and 50 cents collab I’ve listened to

Although most users are asking for a Wrapped feature, it seems some are fine with the way SoundCloud is since it still offers quite a lot of options.

In addition to these two platforms, Tidal users (1,2,3,4,5) are hoping for a wrapped-like feature.


@TIDAL can you please put a tidal wrapped like spotify????? thank u

It is also worth noting that Tidal already has a Rewind feature that helps users explore all the music they listened to at the end of the year. But not as detailed as Spotify’s Wrapped.

No official comment

So far, none of the platforms (SoundCloud, Amazon, and Tidal) has affirmed to roll out a feature like Wrapped or Replay.

But it’ll surely be interesting to see more of such stats coming in from various platforms and sites as they are undeniably entertaining.

We’ll keep tabs on the latest developments and update this story as and when something noteworthy comes up.

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