Spotify Wrapped is causing quite a stir on the internet, and for good reason. Similarly, there have been discussions concerning Apple Music Replay, and Pandora’s Playback Year-in-review.

Now, YouTube Music has its own version of Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay for that matter. It is called Recap!

YouTube Music recap
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However, unlike Spotify Wrapped, which is far more detailed, this feature just displays you a history of everything you listened to or watched over the year.

This same YouTube Music recap experience is also available via the main YouTube app.

Looking at how detailed Spotify Wrapped is compared to what Recap offers, some YouTube users now want Google to consider adding something similar to Spotify Wrapped to its main YouTube app.

YouTube Wrapped demanded

Even the massive YouTube tech content creators like Marques Brownlee is demanding them to consider making something like Wrapped for YouTube (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

YouTube Wrapped

Users want to see detailed statistics on the songs or videos they have watched repeatedly throughout the year, such as how many times they have watched a video.

This is an interesting approach to personalizing the platform for users and providing them with a nostalgic feeling about the content they consumed that year.

Perhaps they could implement that for channels as well so that users can see which content creators they have viewed the most.

Youtube should do their own ‘Wrapped’ because that is majorly where I listen to music the most (at work).

Seeing everyone post about their spotify wrapped has got me realizing that I need to use that platform more often lol. I rely way too much on YouTube to listen to music.

Remember YouTube Rewind? It has been heavily criticized in recent years, notably in the controversial 2018 edition, in which Will Smith uttered the infamous phrase ‘It’s Rewind Time’.

Users felt that YouTube made it too mainstream and lost touch with the community as a result. Well, instead of Rewind, something like ‘YouTube Wrapped’ would be great for them.

YouTube 2018
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The question, though, is will Google cave in? It remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to know your opinion on whether YouTube should have its version of Spotify Wrapped.

As for the poll below, we’ll share the results after a week.

Should YouTube have its version of Spotify Wrapped?

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