Disney Dreamlight Valley 'Mother Gothel' issue in 'Restoring the Sunstone' quest reportedly still broken after official 'fix'

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been a huge success thanks to regular content updates and quests loaded with exciting activities starring Disney and Pixar characters.

The game just received an update in which the developer finally released the iconic villain ‘Scar’ from The Lion King movie.

However, the game is not perfect as players have faced issues like ‘The Remembering’ quest being bugged, weird leg glitch and more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley ‘Mother Gothel’ issue

Now, Disney Dreamlight Valley players are reportedly facing the ‘Mother Gothel’ issue in the ‘Restoring the Sunstone’ quest (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Disney Dreamlight valley

In the ‘Restoring the Sunstone’ quest, Disney Dreamlight Valley players need to work with Mother Gothel to transform the Sunstone’s shards into Gleaming fragments.

To do so, players must gather resources such as a Lemon, Ocean Water, Oregano, and Mint. After this, they need to head to a Cooking Station and prepare the Gleaming Dawn Fragment.

Now, this is where this issue begins. Players claim to have prepared the Gleaming Dawn Fragment and that it is currently in their inventory. However, the quest marker instructs them to cook it.

A Gleaming Dawn Fragment cannot be prepared again. Hence players are stuck in the ‘Restoring the Sunstone’ quest, as the next step is to deliver it to Mother Gothel, who will swap it for the Dusk Fragment.

The issue with Gothel’s quest and the dawn is still an issue. I cleared the fragment, but it still says I need to go to a cooking station – so there is no second fragment that I can’t use. Please Gameloft, fix this problem

I still can do anything in regards to the Dawn Fragment with Mother Gothel 🙁 it’s already been made and is in my backpack, but I can’t give it to her. It shows that it hasn’t even been crafted 🙁 I thought this was something that was indicated as fixed when this update

In a recent update on October 19, Disney Dreamlight Valley developers claimed that they have fixed the ‘Mother Gothel’ issue in the ‘Restoring the Sunstone’ quest.

Mother Gothel

However, it doesn’t look like it since new reports indicate that players are still experiencing problems even after the recent update.

We hope that Disney Dreamlight Valley developers revisit this issue and fully resolve it as quickly as possible so that players can progress in the quest.

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Featured image source: Disney Dreamlight Valley

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