In the past couple of years, the music streaming industry has seen a significant rise in the user base.

And thanks to data getting cheaper all over the world, music enthusiasts are increasingly leaning towards services like Spotify. With a presence in over 180 countries, it had more than 422 million users as of Q1 2022.


But as is the case with the majority of popular streaming services, users have complained about bugs such as offline music not working on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Discover Weekly playlist updating with the same songs as last week.

Adding another one to the list, it looks like the Spotify for Windows app is crashing at login, during playback, and after the song ends (1,2,3,4,5).

This is making the Spotify for Windows app completely unusable for those affected. Common troubleshooting solutions such as restarting Windows, logging out and back in, and reinstalling the app don’t seem to help either.


Spotify crashes when switching song. Anyone else getting this? If I change the song while playing another there’s silence for a second and then the app just crashes. It’s really starting to get on my nerves, it’s been like this for two days. Tried deleting the cache but nothing happens. Anyone?

The app was working just fine two days ago. Yesterday when it auto opened it came up with a message that “Spotify has stopped working” and forced me to close it. It did that a few more times and I let it go. It’s still doing it today. I’ve restarted it numerous times, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed, I’ve tried compatibility mode and just about every other piece of advice that I could find but nothing is working. It says that it’s no longer compatible but I don’t get how that’s possible when nothing has changed and it was working fine two days ago.

Fortunately, Spotify developers have acknowledged the problem and said the concerned team is investigating the issue where the Windows app is crashing. But they did not share any ETA of when it will be fixed.

Hey folks, We’ve received some reports mentioning that after the recent update, the Windows Desktop app is closing itself when logging in, during playback or finishing a song. This issue happens on both versions of the app: the client one, as well as the Microsoft Store application.

When the developers release an update that resolves the problem, we will be updating this space to let you know so make sure you keep checking PiunikaWeb.

In the meantime, do check out our Spotify bugs and issues tracker to see similar issues affecting players.

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Featured image source: Spotify

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