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Dying Light 2 is a survival game set in a post apocalyptic world full of zombies and dangers. It has been praised in the gameplay section, but the experience has not been the best due to the many bugs it brought (1, 2, 3, 4).

Dying Light 2 has already received many bug fix patches since its release. However, players continue to encounter new issues that can affect their games.

Lately, many Dying Light 2 players have been facing a glitch where they get stuck or are unable to progress in the ‘Black Widow’ quest.

Dying Light 2 ‘Black Widow’ quest stuck or unable to progress

According to multiple reports, Dying Light 2 players are getting stuck in the ‘Black Widow’ quest due to a bug that prevents the spawning of Josh.

More specifically, the issue occurs if Josh dies during the previous quest. Normally, the character should respawn, but that’s not happening (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

Need help with Black Widow quest from PKs (PS5)

Currently bugged in the quest step where you talk to Josh after protecting him but Josh died and never respawned. Tried everything from restarting the app to reinstalling to no avail, my last hope is to complete the quest with someone else and maybe it’ll update mine or something but it’s my only hope other than waiting for a patch

To complete the quest, you must turn on the power in the area and then talk to Josh. But, if Josh doesn’t spawn, you’ll be stuck.

I think I’m stuck… (Help pls)

So I’m doing the Black Widow side quest and I got to the point where I need to protect Josh, and he died. I turned the power back on and now I can’t talk to Josh, fast travel or open the door to leave. How do I get out?

The bug can appear in other ways

In some cases, the bug may appear before. At the Fish Eye, you will have to talk to a woman for Josh to appear, but when trying to interact with her, all you get is a perpetual ‘please wait’ message.

I’m having a different bug entirely. I am unable to find josh at the Fish Eye. The woman standing at the bar that I’m supposed to talk to, won’t let me initiate conversation. All I get is the “please wait” thing. I watched a video that shows a man standing at the bar next to the woman. Josh, maybe? Anyhoo, he isn’t there for me.

Also, the option to roll back the save file to a previous version is missing for some players. So, they are concerned about the integrity of their save file.


Some workarounds that could help

That said, there are a couple of workarounds that could help you. The first is a preventative workaround, and consists of doing the quest in someone else’s world, which will keep your save file safe in case the bug occurs.


In the following video you can see a method that reportedly helps to fix your Dying Light 2 save file from ‘The Black Widow’ quest:

There is still no official acknowledgment of the issue from Techland. We will update this story once new details emerge in the future.

Update 1 (April 05)

09:45 am (IST): Dying Light support on Twitter has acknowledged this issue and said the team is currently investigating it.

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