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Dying Light 2 is a first-person survival game where players must survive in a world infested with zombies and other dangers.

The game has only been available for a few days, so early players have been finding a set of issues that need to be fixed to get the best possible experience (1, 2, 3).

Among the glitches that some Dying Light 2 players are facing is a ‘Leaving the mission area’ message that causes a death loop when loading the game (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Dying Light 2 death loop ‘Leaving the mission area’ bug

The issue causes some Dying Light 2 players to get stuck in the game. Once they enter a mission or area, they receive a ‘Leaving the mission area’ message after the loading screen, then die a few seconds later.

“Leaving mission area” bug

Has anyone else had the bug where you spawn in and it says “leaving mission area” and just kills you on repeat? I literally can’t progress the game. And I wanna know if anyone else has been experiencing this/knows a fix to it.

Game breaking Bug 😭 (PS5)

Just woke up and loaded up my 24 hour save and as soon as I spawn in it says I’m leaving the mission area and die after 4 seconds… I’ve fast travelled, changed the quest I’m on to a small side quest… Tried sleeping but can’t get to sleep in time…. I love this game but this has made me feel sick,, I’m so gutted!!

Some players report that nothing they tried to fix the issue helped. The bug reportedly persists after restarting the game (or even restarting the console).

After I load in I keep dying due to a “leaving the mission area” prompt. I’ve tried fast traveling to old villidor, closing and restarting the game, restarting the console, nothing has worked so far. Is there a way to access previous save points? I’m on Xbox.

Techland team is aware, potential workaround

The Techland team is already aware of the death loop glitch. The company published on Twitter a list of problems that they are working to solve, and the mentioned bug is present.


The company only says that the fix will arrive ‘in the coming days’. So, there is no specific information about an ETA for the update.

However, the glitch is a priority for the company and they reflect this on their ‘Current Hot Issues’ page. Techland even offers a workaround: go to the Online menu, select favorites and online friends, then resume the game.

We will update this article once new updates on this matter arise.

Update 1 (February 11)

05:59 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 patch 1.0.4 has been submitted for certification on both PlayStation and Xbox, and it will be available by the end of this week. But unfortunately, it does not include any fix for ‘Leaving the mission area’ bug.

Update 2 (February 12)

12:43 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 players are receiving a new hotfix update on PlayStation and Xbox. The update brings a fix for the issue where blocks result in players ending in the death loop after the COOP session.

Update 3 (February 14)

04:33 pm (IST): Here’s a MOD that allows players to change leave mission area time to 99999999 that will fix the death loop issue. All they have to do is download the file and put it at the required location.

To Install:

1. Download the file
2. Open the zip.
2. Put the file in “Dying Light 2\ph\source”

This mod will change leave mission area time to 99999999. (Source)

Update 4 (February 15)

11:30 am (IST): Despite the bug fix that was recently released with a new patch, it seems that this issue still persists. And the Dying Light 2 team says that they are still working on a fix.

Update 5 (February 16)

12:29 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 support has again addressed the death loop bug saying that it’s a serious problem. And they have also shared a detailed outline of how they will resolve it.

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Update 6 (February 17)

10:35 am (IST): The newest patch for Dying Light 2 PC players is now live and it brings a fix for the death loop bug.

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Update 7 (February 23)

12:40 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 picked up a new patch for PlayStation that includes a fix for the death loop issue. Here are all the new changes that it brings:

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Update 8 (March 05)

04:56 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 support on Twitter announced that they are working on a new patch for PC and console players that will include several bug fixes.

This hotfix update will also bring a fix for the death loop issue. It will arrive for PC players next week, however, console players may have to wait a little longer.

Update 9 (March 10)

06:56 pm (IST): The new Dying Light 2 patch update (1.2) resolves all ‘known cases of Deathloops’ according to the developers. Console gamers will have to wait a little longer.

Update 10 (March 12)

05:48 pm (IST): The latest Dying Light 2 patch that brings fix for the death loop issue is now available on PlayStation and Xbox.

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