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Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest installment in the FPS video game saga. Taking into account that it has only been on the market for a few days, it will probably require polishing its mechanics.

In the last few days, we have covered some of the issues that players are already reporting (1, 2). Now, new reports describe difficulties in the game’s save system.

More specifically, Rainbow Six Extraction player settings are resetting on Xbox consoles every time the Quick Resume feature is used. Also, for some, the progress achieved is affected in the same way.

Rainbow Six Extraction player settings resetting

According to multiple reports, when Xbox players use the Quick Resume feature, the player’s settings revert to default (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Items whose settings return to default include player preferences, character customization (cosmetics), load outs, and more (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Cosmetics / settings resetting?

Sometimes I load up the game and all of my settings, load outs, and cosmetics are wiped clean. It’s very annoying and this used to be an issue with Siege which is why I stopped playing.

It’s so tedious to go through and fix, especially when every operator is finely tuned to your liking and you forgot what gadgets you ran on which. Has anyone else has this issue or know any fixes?

Only on Xbox Series X,
caused by “Quick resume” 🤔

When force closed, the cloud save updates and everything saves.
But if left to quick resume, it doesn’t save changes.

Changes seem to be outfits, headgear and accessibility options (why is menu narration on by default).

It should be noted that Xbox is the only console that has the Quick Resume feature. But, that doesn’t mean that players on other platforms don’t suffer from similar issues.

For other consoles/platforms, the player settings resetting glitch in Rainbow Six Extraction may occur when the game is restarted.


Progress tracking is also resetting for some

For some players, the issue will also affect progress tracking. That is, the tracking of the statistics is also resetting. So, certain items and achievements doesn’t unlock.


Ubisoft asks for more related feedback

Currently, the Ubisoft support team is requesting more related feedback from players. So, then they can escalate the bug to the development team for a fix in the near future.

Thanks for clarifying this. We’d like to get more information so we can update the team about this issue. Do you play on multiple platforms? Also, when booting up the game, does it seem like the settings have defaulted as if you were just booting the game up for the first time?

Having said the above, some players think they know what is causing the problem. Apparently the cloud save feature doesn’t work as often as it should.


As a workaround, force-close the game reportedly trigger the cloud save feature. But, this is only temporary, as the glitch can happen again.

At the moment, affected players can only wait for updates on the matter. Once they arise, we will update this article with all the pertinent information.

Update 01 (February 08)

01:07 pm (IST): Ubisoft community manager has confirmed on Reddit that they are aware of this issue and currently investigating it.

We are aware of this issue and are investigating. I understand it’s not game-breaking or anything but is still super frustrating! (Source)

Update 02 (February 23)

06:25 pm (IST): While the recent Y6S4 patch mitigated the load-out resetting issue, Ubisoft confirmed that it is not fully resolved. Moreover, they are working on a definitive fix for the same.

During the course of Y6S4 we have seen a reduction in loadout resets occurring, however we’re aware that with the additional customisation of Elite 2.0, this issue has the potential to cause increased frustration. We continue to monitor and actively investigate this, as we work towards a definitive solution. (Source)

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