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For years now, Fortnite has been one of the most popular video games in recent times. Launched in 2017, the game is nearing the end of Chapter 2 Season 8, and is showing no signs of slowing down in terms of the active player base.

In fact, Fortnite had more than 80 million monthly active users with 4 million players logging in daily, making it the most played battle royale in 2021. A Fortnite Twitch streamer also broke the record for most concurrent viewers.

Derby Dynamo Quest Pack

Epic Games frequently brings new content to the game to keep it fresh which sometimes causes some bugs and issues.

Some recent issues players were affected by are the ‘Smash Attack’ fall damage with Sideway Scythe and the Derby Dynamo Challenges not appearing in players’ Quests & Punchcards tab bug.

Having said that, players are now reporting that they are experiencing matchmaking issues when playing Fortnite in split-screen mode. Some say the issue popped up after the v18.30 update making it impossible for those using the split-screen mode to enter any matches.


@FortniteGame there is still an issue with splitscreen. Resetting the game does not fix this issue 1 bit. 20 hrs since update release and it’s still a problem. Can’t even play and if you do get in when u die you can’t get back into a game at all.

After the recent update (v18.30) there’s been a issue with Matchmaking on Split Screen. I know Epic is aware of this issue but the workaround they say (Restarting Fortnite will allow players to requeue) but it doesn’t. It does the same thing. Hope that Epic will fix this as soon as possible.

Splitscreen matchmaking is down and restarting my game isn’t working. Any ideas?(Source)

It seems like Epic Games is already aware of the Fortnite split-screen matchmaking issue and has shared a workaround. However, they did not give any ETA on the fix.

We are aware of matchmaking issues when playing in Splitscreen mode. Restarting your game should resolve the issue.

Even though Epic Games say restarting Fortnite should fix the split-screen matchmaking, some are saying it is not the case for them and they needed to restart the game several times before being able to get into a match.

Restarting doesnt fix it 100%. Took several tries and once we finally got into one match, we had to do it all over again. Pretty annoying since you shafted split screen players out of horde rush too.

We’ve had to reboot multiple times after every match in order to finally get matchmaking to work, it’s extremely frustrating. (On Xbox)

Moreover, another bug seems to be affecting those who are trying to complete the Refer a Friend Task 5 in-game. Players say they are stuck on o level progress and are unable to complete the task.

This is really frustrating for many since many say they were halfway through the challenge. You can see in the image below how the challenge is stuck at zero progress.

Click/tap to enlarge image (Source)

The site says clearly “…gain 60 account levels from where you were when starting the program”. My friend has gained 25 levels but we just hit task 5 today, yet it still says 0 levels gained for both of us. Obviously it’s not since “starting the program” because it just started counting now.

I started playing with a friend and over the time of 4 tasks he gained 20 levels and I gained 15. But when we started part 5 the level counter reset and made us start back from 0 levels. Is this a bug or is there something I can do to fix this?

Fortunately, Epic Games also acknowledged the issue and said that it is currently under investigation.

We’re still investigating reports that players are not seeing their Account Level progress for Task 5 updating properly on the Refer A Friend site. We’ll provide an update as we have more info.

When Fortnite developers fix the split-screen matchmaking and ‘Refer a Friend’ Task 5 bug, we will update this article so stay tuned.

Update 1 (October 29)

05:43 pm (IST): Fortnite confirmed that they backfilled any outstanding Account Level progress for players in Refer A Friend.

We’ve backfilled any outstanding Account Level progress for players in Refer A Friend.

If you aren’t seeing this updated on the website please try playing a match of Fortnite then closing your web browser and revisiting the page. (Source)

Update 2 (October 30)

05:48 pm (IST): Some Fortnite players have taken to Twitter to voice their frustration over the temporary workaround that Fortnite asked users to perform which involves restarting the game.

According to reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), restarting the game does not fix the Splitscreen issues for some while others say they have to restart the game every time which makes this a terrible workaround.

Update 3 (November 04)

05:40 pm (IST): Fortnite support has confirmed that the Splitscreen matchmaking issues have been fixed.

The matchmaking issues when playing in Splitscreen mode have been resolved! (Source)

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