[Poll results live] T-Mobile customer service: Has it worsened in recent times?

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Whether or not you live in the US, you must have heard of T-Mobile. The telecom giant is currently the second-largest operator in the USA, right after AT&T.

In April last year, T-Mobile successfully completed one of the largest mergers in the US telecom history by buying its rival Sprint for a whopping $26 billion. As part of the deal, T-Mobile said it would bring Sprint employees on board.

The company also has had a massive data breach after that resulted in more than 50 million customers’ data getting leaked. But that does seem to be the end for T-Mobile’s troubles.


Recently, some users said that their iPhone 13 was showing a strong 5G signal but there weren’t able to access the internet whereas others said that the McAfee Identity Theft Protection they were promised after the data breach was delayed.

Now, users are saying that the T-Mobile customer service, which was dubbed to be one of the best is now slowly worsening. Many are attributing this to the fact that they brought over people from Sprint.

Others say that the customer service has worsened because T-Mobile has outsourced the service. And the worsening of the customer service does not seem to be limited to the phone network but applies to other areas as well.

Some have complained that the case is the same when taking into consideration T-Mobile insurance and phone care. Many say that the outsourced staff sometimes even has difficulties understanding English.


Is it just me or has our customer care AND help desk just absolutely gone down the drain over the past few 18 months? And don’t get me wrong, I get that our team of experts have been working from home because of covid and I completely understand that. But all customer service, should be pulled back into the states, no more of this bullshit outsource to different countries overseas. All those people do is just click boxes and read scripts, they have no idea how T-Mobile actually works.

Insanely long wait times, chat reps talking about dead dogs, people who barely speak English. Reps are being rude and hanging up. What happened to the old T-Mobile who used to be here to fix issues?I called in this week to get my bill fixed after an offshore agent messed everything up, waited an hour, got a rep who was also offshore, told him exactly what was wrong, he just repeated everything I said and then said “I put you on hold” I sat on hold for 30 mins eventually the call went dead, no one called back.

Right now, the only saving grace for T-Mobile customer service seems to be T-Force, a small team of customer care representatives who are only active on Twitter and Facebook and respond and resolve issues quickly.

But this won’t stay this way forever with every day new people getting to know about T-Force. T-Mobile customer service slowly but surely seems to be getting ready to fall from grace. And it won’t be pretty when they do.

Unsatisfactory customer service often translates to a loss in customers, which will surely affect the userbase and ultimately the revenue generated by the company.

T-Mobile still seems to have time on their side and have a real chance of fixing the problem at hand before its too late. We hope the T-Mobile management takes note of the issue and tries to improve the customer service before it’s too late.

That brings us to the question, has T-Mobile customer service worsened for you in recent times? Make sure to share your thoughts by voting in the poll or chime in the conversation in the comment section down below.

Update 1 (October 27)

10:40 am (IST): The poll results are live and more than one-third of you think that T-Mobile customer service has actually worsened in the last few months, while the rest 22.2% say that they have never used it. Additionally, 0% believe the service hasn’t degraded recently.

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