T-Mobile iPhone 13 shows strong 5G signal but no internet connection? You aren't alone (temporary workaround inside)

If you live in the US, you must have heard of T-Mobile at some point in time. It is the second-largest wireless network provider in the country with more than 104.8 million users.

Last year, T-Mobile merged with Sprint with the former now owning Sprint wholly. This allowed them to reach out to new users and drastically increase their user base.

T-Mobile is also one of the few providers that have already made the switch to 5G. They are also the first operator in the world to make use of the standalone mode which they claimed improved the overall coverage.

Comparing Standalone mode to Non-standalone mode, the latter required the presence of an LTE cell. The main difference between the two is that SA connects directly to the 5G core whereas NSA connects to a 4G core.

Having said that, it seems that some iPhone 13 T-Mobile subscribers have no internet connection despite getting a strong 5G signal.

Users say they have to turn off 5G and switch to 4G manually to restore internet connectivity, which is really frustrating for many.

In the image below, you can see that despite having full signal strength, the user is unable to connect to the internet.


I’m using the iPhone 13 pro. Anyone got any idea why when I hit 5G UC locations my web browsing and web usage slows down quite a bit vs. regular 5G ? My wife has iPhone 13 and hers behaves same as mine. Anyone else?

My experience too. I posted about it a few days ago in another thread. And it’s especially annoying since it’s not consistent at all. The first day with the 13, it happened and I forced LTE only. Second day, I was in and out of various coverage areas with no issue sat all. Today, again with no data when switching. It really is frustrating.

Upon further investigation, it looks like the T-Mobile no internet issue isn’t limited to the iPhone 13. Some people have also reported the issue on the iPhone 12 and say that the issue affects those on iOS 14.4 or later.

Moreover, a handful of Android users have also reported the issue, but it looks like the problem is not that prevalent for some compared to others.

Some users say that the issue is related to how the network switches from Standalone to Non-Standalone mode and vice versa, indicating that the issue is with the network itself.

My iPhone 12 runs NSA only (SA support for T-Mobile was introduced in iOS 14.5), and it works fine. This issue doesn’t have to do with SA or NSA, from what I can tell – it has to do with how iOS handles the handoff.

The network seems to correctly instruct the UE what to do, and iOS either just ignores it (and stays locked on SA) or drops the data session entirely, forcing you to toggle Airplane Mode / restart CommCenter (which can only be done via restarting the entire device).

Having said that, the issue seems to be more prevalent on iPhones compared to other devices. Whatever the reason might be, the no internet issue has ruined the 5G T-Mobile for iPhone 13 users.

T-Mobile subscribers say they have switched back to LTE, which despite having less speed has reliable connectivity. It looks like 5G still has some compatibility issues to sort out. If you are facing the very same issue, resetting the network settings and restarting the phone has fixed the problem for many.

It is still unclear what is causes the iPhones to drop connection so often. We will update this article once we get more information so make sure you stay tuned.

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