[Poll results out] Should Splitgate remove or reduce bots from casual matches?

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Original story (published on September 9, 2021) follows:

Splitgate is one of the games that somehow manage to stay in the limelight. The title recently became popular after it was released for the Xbox and PlayStation on July 27, 2021.

In just one week, Splitgate was downloaded more than 600,000 times. However, not all was sunshine and rainbows. Just a few days after the game’s release, several issues popped up.

Some of the most annoying unresolved issues include the crossplay voice chat not working and the bug where players cannot collect referral rewards.


Having said that, 1047 Games, the developers and publishers of the game, now have another issue at hand. Many Splitgate players have been complaining recently that they are seeing a lot of bots when playing casual matches.

Bots are non-player characters, controlled by a computer, that automatically fill up the lobby when enough players are not there in the matchmaking pool.

While fighting against bots is okay for those who are learning the ropes, some high-level gamers are also complaining that they are getting an unusually high number of bots in-game.


For whatever reason, since the season 0 update it’s straight up impossible to find players in casual matchmaking, even with a supposed 80k-100k players online throughout all platforms. I get put into a practice room for like 5-6 minutes, then when I finally find a game, it’s either 7 bots, or like 2 players and 5 bots if I’m lucky. I’m level 70 with around around a 2.0 K/D, so it can’t be my level or skill based matchmaking. I’m also in the northwestern United States, so it’s not like I’m in an isolated region/server.

Wtf is actually going on? I see players around me in the warmup room find matchers mad quick, and I’ll watch streamers find matches instantly full of players, but for some reason I’m not allowed to? It’s extremely disappointing since I was looking forward to this update a lot, but now I can’t even hop in a casual game. Splitgate also has like no technical support team so I have no idea where to even bring this up (I did submit a bug report which will probably be fruitless), since it feels like they’re hardly looking at Twitter and Discord for complaints.

Why has every game I’ve played today been against bots? I’m lucky to get one, maybe two real players in a match. It is really boring to play, not to mention unsatisfying. Why am I having to queue into a game just to face bots all day? I got into a game filled with actual players after turning Crossplay on, but predictably, I got absolutely stomped by PC players.

Some say that bots fill up the game late at night when there are no other players in the region while others say that they pop up when many players leave mid-game.

Whatever the case might be, people are really getting tilted when they realize they are playing against bots. This is the group that feels Splitgate developers should tweak the algorithm so as to reduce the number of bots in-game.

Like other games, they can also remove bots entirely and combine various modes or let the matchmaking take more time so players only queue up against real players after level 10.

Do you think Splitgate should reduce or remove the number of bots in casual matches? Join in the conversation in the comment section below.

We are also having a Twitter poll so you can share your thoughts on the matter. The results of the poll will be out next week.

Update 1 (September 9)

The poll results are now live. About 33.3% of people think that the developers should reduce the number of bots in-game with the same amount of people saying that the game is fine.

However, 16.7% of people voted in favor of removing bots wihile the other 16.7% said they don’t care. If you missed the poll, you can chime in the conversation in the comment section down below.

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