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Splitgate is an upcoming PvP FPS shooting game for PC and gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation. The game has a space theme going for it where players have to battle it out for most kills on spaceships and platforms.

The game has garnered over 500K downloads ever since its launch which indicates it’s a fan favorite already.

The best part is that it is free to play, at least as of now, and is currently released as an open beta with the official release set for July 27, 2021. A great addition to the genre of PvP shooting games.

Splitgate cross platform voice chat issue

But what’s not great is having to deal with bugs, which as Splitgate is currently in beta, is expected to have throughout.

The latest bug or glitch to pop up is that players are not able to use the voice chat feature during crossplay.

Several people have taken to Twitter, Reddit and other social platforms to seek some help with the issue.

Splitgate voice issue

Voice chat seems to not work… Me and my friend are able to talk for just a little bit and then it cuts out and we can no longer talk and then when we get back into our lobby we can no longer talk in there

I only can hear people in pre game lobby but not actually in the game? I have everything right in the settings but still nothing? Is this something they need to fix or what?

It seems voice chat works only in the Splitgate lobby and as soon as players enter in a match, it breaks or stops working.

Since Splitgate is currently in its beta phase, it’s for the good as any bugs and glitches present in the game will ironed out ahead of the public release.

Splitgate, via its Twitter handle, responded to a player’s concern regarding the cross-platform voice chat not working as intended, confirmed that they’re aware of the issue and will fix it with the next update.

Splitgate voice chat issue ackowledged

We’ll make sure to keep a check on the game’s progress over the course of time and will report back here at PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (August 05)

Today Splitgate has rolled out a patch to improve the servers. However, there’s no mention of a fix for the voice chat issue.

Update 2 (August 07)

Splitgate was recently taken offline for an update to add the following features according to info shared via the official Twitter handle:

– 360fps support on PC
– Autosprint (in settings)
– Kicking people who AFK in menu too long (Source)

Unfortunately, there was no mention of a fix for the voice chat bug that has been affecting users since the beginning. Nonetheless, granted how far the game has come in a short span of time, it’s likely that the issue will be addressed sooner rather than later.

Update 3 (August 08)

The Splitgate team on Twitter confirmed that they improved the server capacity once again but there’s still no word on the voice chat glitch.

We are aware of the current issues surrounding crossplay voice chat and are pushing a fix in the next update that should resolve those issues. (Source)

Update 4 (August 09)

It’s going on to be a few weeks now since the voice chat issue surfaced but the developers of Splitgate are yet to address it. As a result, frustrated users are still taking to Twitter to seek further information from the team.


Update 5 (August 10)

The game developers are yet to fix the voice chat issue and have also remained mum on the situation for a few days. Hence, the best thing to do now would be to use Discord for voice chat instead.

Update 6 (August 11)

Reports have it that the team over at Splitgate has been doing a bunch of server improvements over the past few hours. However, we still have no word on the resolution of this voice chat issue.

Update 7 (August 12)

A new report has highlighted that in a recent live Q&A session on Twitch, Spligate developers revealed that they’re working on a Next-Gen update that’s coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The update will bring a bunch of improvements and additions to the game.

We hope that this also means the voice chat bug will be addressed finally or hopefully before that.

Update 8 (August 14)

Users have found a workaround that fixes the voice chat issue on Splitgate. You need the follow these footsteps to fix the issue in the meantime:

Go to Splitgate main menu
Select “Settings” option
Go to “Privacy” tab
Uncheck the “Party Chat Only” feature
Go to “Audio” tab
Uncheck the “Open Mic (Team Only)” feature
Uncheck the “Proximity Chat Enabled” feature

Once you’ve done these changes, you can start the crossplay match with your friends. When you’re in the match, go back to the game’s main menu and restore the settings:

Check back the “Party Chat Only” feature
Check back the “Open Mic (Team Only)” feature
Check back the “Proximity Chat Enabled” feature

You can read more about the fix here.

Update 9 (August 16)

Splitgate now says that the server situation is much better as it can now support up to 175k players at the same time.

It took a few weeks, but our server situation is better than ever! We can now support 175k concurrent players! And the server improvements are only going to continue.

Update 10 (August 17)

After a long silence on this matter, Splitgate has come out to once again acknowledge this issue, noting that it is still being worked on.

Update 11 (August 20)

The Splitgate team — via Twitter — confirmed that they pushed a small update that contained the following:

– Ranked 2v2s (Yay!)
– Server Capacity Improvements
– Minor bug fixes

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether or not the update fixed the voice chat bug or not.

Update 12 (August 21)

Fresh reports indicate that the cross-platform voice chat bug has not been fixed even after the recent update to the game.


Update 13 (August 23)

New reports now indicate that Splitgate will be in Open Beta following the sudden increase in the game’s popularity. As a result, the first priority is to increase server capacity and not fixing smaller issues like the voice chat bug.

Update 14 (August 26)

Season 0 for Splitgate went live a few hours ago bringing with it a new map along with a new Battle Pass with 100 levels and a lot more. Unfortunately, the team confirmed that they’re still working to fix the cross-play voice chat bug.

Glad you liked them! For anyone who didn’t get a feature or bug fix they were looking forward too, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re still working on the Cross-play VC bug and the Mouse Cursor bug on Console (Source)

Update 15 (August 27)

Splitgate is pushing out a new bug fix update to players but unfortunately, the changelog still makes no mention of this voice chat bug. With that, the wait is seemingly still on!

Update 16 (August 28)

Splitgate developers recently launched the Season 0 Battle Pass update. The Battle Pass rewards consist of a Cardboard Assault Rifle.

Despite the various bugs and issues with Spiltgate, fans are still going gaga over it as highlighted by this report. Hopefully, the voice chat bug will be addressed sooner rather than later.

Update 17 (August 31)

While the Splitgate voice chat bug is yet to be fixed, it seems the devs are now planning to introduce a new weapon in the game. A recent tweet via the official Twitter handle asks users what weapon they’d like to add in the game:

You get to add one new weapon to Splitgate.

What is your weapon and what does it do? (Source)

Update 18 (September 04)

As per a recent report from Twitter, Splitgate support has said that while they are working to fix the bug wher crossplay chat is not working, players will have to wait for some time for the fix to arrive.

We’re aware of the crossplay chat bug and we’ve been working on the fix. Hang tight for a little while longer! 🙂

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