Splitgate acknowledges referral issue where players aren't receiving rewards, fix in the works

Ever since its release on consoles, Splitgate has been making news for various reasons. The multiplayer ‘Halo meets Portal’ shooting game is one of the hottest titles on Steam.

While the graphics are not close to realistic, the gameplay and the shooting mechanics make sure players enjoy the game.

Last month, players had flooded the game servers to a point the developers had to limit them so as to increase the overall capacity.


Some recent bugs that affected Splitgate include the much-dreaded crossplay voice chat not working and a bug that banned players due to ‘Suspicious Activity’ for no reason.

Having said that, a new bug with the game’s referral system is making news. According to reports, Splitgate has a referral issue where the players are not receiving rewards even after referring multiple people.

Splitgate players say that even though the friends they referred hit level 10, the referral pass is not registering any progress.


@Splitgate I’ve referred three friends and it never took them as a score, they are past XP 10. I usually wouldn’t mind but the reward for nine referrals is the best thing I’ve seen as a referral reward, any fixes about this?

1. I can’t find where to put my code in, I’m on Xbox, 2. Do you have any idea why the refer a friend isn’t working? I’ve referred a friend and they got to lvl 10, but I didn’t get the rewards

If you are unsure what rewards the game has to offer, well, the Splitgate referral system has five rewards, namely – Legendary Ritual Plasma Rifle Skin, Legendary Wildfire SMG Skin, Epic Splitgate Banner, Epic Racer Pistol Skin, and the Epic Recruiter Name Tag.

All rewards can be collected at 5 referral points. 1047 Games, the studio responsible for the development of the game, is really responsive when it comes to fixing bugs and issues with the game.

The developers have already acknowledged the issue where Splitgate players are not receiving referral rewards and said they are working on a fix.


We will update this article once 1047 Games releases an update that fixes the broken Splitgate referral rewards.

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