Splitgate is one of the latest titles that gained massive popularity after its recent release on the Xbox and PlayStation. Built using Unreal Engine 4, it is a combination of Portal and Halo.

The developers, 1047 Games, soon grew from a team of just 4 people and managed to raise $10 million in a recent funding round. While the developers welcomed the sudden influx of money, it also resulted in the game being pushed to an August release date.

In the last few weeks, PiunikaWeb has covered multiple Splitgate bugs and issues affecting the gameplay in a variety of ways.


Some of the bugs that still remain unresolved since the launch of the game include the infamous crossplay voice chat bug and an issue where the players are not getting referral rewards.

And it looks like the game won’t be bug-free anytime soon. According to reports, players are having trouble running the game on Linux. Many say that Splitgate native Linux version crashes on startup while others who are able to get in the game say that it is constantly freezing and crashing.

This has rendered the game unplayable for a majority of people who want to play it on Linux. Upon further investigation, it turns out that the Splitgate crash issue on Linux is affecting players for about a month now.

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Hey, so the game works well on linux, but even with a good rig, the portals can make the fps drop for a few frames. But the most important thing is, I’ll sometimes crash, and an UE4 error message pops-up. It can be annoying, because I can crash in ranked games. Is it something that other players have, or is the problem from my computer ? I know it’s not detailed, I’m gonna post the logs if somebody sees this

I don’t know if Splitgate has a support anywhere but i couldn’t find it. Anyways I have this issue where the Linux version of Splitgate keeps crashing due to unreal engine or sometimes even freezes. I can play it for a longer period of time and then suddenly it crashes due to unreal engine or starts freezing and theres nothing i can do. I’ll be switching to the Windows version through Proton until this gets fixed

It looks like the trouble began with the start of Season 0. Maybe the Splitgate update caused an issue with how Unreal Engine 4 interacts with the graphic drivers on Linux.

On AMD cards, it looks like the issue is related to the Mesa 21.2.1 Vulkan drivers. Having said that, if you happen to own an AMD GPU, you can try running the game in AMDVLK.

The above workaround seems to have fixed the Splitgate crashing issue for many. Nonetheless, 1047 Games is yet to officially acknowledge the issue.

When the developers release a statement about the frequent crashes on Linux, we will update this space, so make sure you keep an eye out.

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