Apple devices are renowned for their software optimization. Most of it can be attributed to the fact that Apple has complete control over both software and hardware due to which levels of optimization unachievable by the competition can easily be reached.

However, as is the case with any human-developed piece of machinery, occasional issues are unavoidable. We previously highlighted how the iPhone 12 series suffered from some severe battery drain issues following the iOS 14.6 update.

Soon after, it was found that much of the battery drainage woes were because of the Apple Podcasts app. Users reported not only unusually high amounts of battery consumption when using the app but also a lot of heating.


Apple is usually quite prompt when it comes to fixing issues like these so users had put their hopes on the iOS 14.7 update that was set to release soon at the time.

And the hopes indeed converted to fruition for some when iOS 14.7 hit eligible devices as around 54% had voted that it indeed fixed battery drainage on a poll for the same.

However, the remaining 46% observed no effect, thus confirming that something is still up. Such users are now joined by more users who have taken to social media to complain about fresh battery drain issues right after updating to the just-released iOS 14.7.1 update.


On iOS 14.7.1 Battery Health on my iPhone 11 Pro went from 94% to 92% in a week, having only plugged it in 3 times! Where as on iOS 14.6 when it recalculated it jumped up to 99% from 95%. Battery life not as good as 14.7.

@zollotech Hi. I have iOS 14.7.1 & there appears to be a major battery leak bug. When I use my iPhone, the percentage is dropping down like crazy. It seems I have to charge it up way more often.

The battery life has dropped considerably for the affected ones [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8] with some reporting losing a quarter of their battery in just an hour while using the phone, and up to 30% per 5 hours of idle time.

Some users have even reported that their battery health is now declining way too rapidly.

iPhone models reportedly plagued by the issue include the latest and greatest iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone SE, and quite possibly, others as well.

Unfortunately, there is still no sign of any official acknowledgment yet so it’s unclear if the battery drain introduced with iOS 14.7.1 will go away with the next update.


Also worth mentioning is that Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.7, meaning no more downgrading from iOS 14.7.1 for those severely affected. Effectively, the only way is to wait for yet another update with hopes that it finally addresses this annoying issue.

Still, we will continue tracking the matter and update our dedicated iOS 14 bugs and issues tracker accordingly, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can also try out the workarounds given for battery issues in this article.

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