As more and more people continue to embrace remote working and learning, the dependence on video conferencing platforms has become apparent.

The result of this is the emergence of services such as Google Meet, which is without a doubt one of the best in the business. And while Meet has its advantages over the competition, it isn’t perfect.


PiunikaWeb readers will have come across issues like “You can’t join this video call”, missing option to sort participants by their last names, video (camera) slightly zoomed in/cropped at high resolution (720p), and so on.

There are also some good stuff in the works such as Meeting safety moderation controls for enterprise users and a Q&A for live streaming, just to name but a few.

And going by some of the recent reports from the Google Meet forums, it appears as though Google has more to do than just add new features to the video conferencing platform.


Often, after using any “conference call” AKA meeting software – either Zoom or Google Meet – my MBA gets hot, the fan kicks in, and after a few minutes, the call will freeze – one by one, the other users freeze in their frames, til eventually I have to shut down the app (or close the browser window) and reset my wifi connection.

When I use zoom or Google Meet, my macbook pro 16′ overheats and area near display bar is very hot. I have downloaded temperature monitor and it seems like CPU and GPU temp goes up and stays around 60 degrees celcius. Is this temperature normal? or is there anything I can do to resolve the issue?

According to reports that have been doing rounds since last year, some Google Meet users are overheating their MacBook units when in meetings. This happens across various MacBook models.

While it is easy to blame Apple for what could be a bad macOS update, the fact that even non-macOS laptops are also affected suggests otherwise.

not just macbooks, my nitro 5 on the cpu could go up to 73*c if the fan was on auto. been like this for while any suggestion to fix this?

I got BSODs due to overheating using Google Meet in my Lenovo Thinkpad T480 (Windows 10 Pro). No other program or application made that happen, no matter how heavy or demanding. Just google meet is able to crash my machine. This is a serious issue that must be addressed.

Going by the reports above, it appears as though the issue mostly affects Google Chrome users. Apparently, this is due to the browser bumping up the CPU performance to full blast to improve the video conferencing experience.

As expected, the result of this is that the CPU gets really hot and thus triggering the fans. A switch to Safari browser is what you need for now, at least according to some of those who used this trick as a workaround.

For those who can’t turn to Safari browser as a workaround, you’ll be glad to learn that this isn’t a new issue for Google Meet devs.

Thank you for caring to add this iformation here, Scottystang! Google is aware and listening. There isn’t any resolution yet. I’ll keep this thread updated.

And even though there is still no official fix in sight, affected users can rest assured that someone is looking into it. We will keep an eye on this and let you know when the bug-fixing update rolls out.

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