[Update: Sep. 06] Google Workspace upcoming features for Google Meet, Classroom, Drive, Groups, Docs & more in beta or development

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Original story (published on February 26, 2021) follows:

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) was announced in October last year in order to help ease the transition from working at the office to working at home due to the ongoing pandemic.

It includes just about every productivity and utility application such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more.

Google Workspace demo

Given the number of perks offered with Google Workspace, there are only a handful of alternatives such as those from Microsoft.

Further, Google has been adding new and useful features to its apps at an impressive rate such as the background blur option it released for Google Meet users last year.

And well, it appears that the search giant has only just begun since it has an exhaustive list of new features that are currently in beta or in development for various apps on Google Workspace, including Google Meet, Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more.

Here’s a complete list of all these upcoming features and improvements for various apps:

Google Classroom features in development:

– Slides support in originality reports
– Classroom activity logs in BigQuery and usage analytics in Google Data Studio
– Classroom audit logs in the Admin console
– Improved offline Classroom experience
– Share assignments by link
– Student engagement tracking in Classroom
– Improved teacher grading workflow on mobile
– Improved image capturing and submission in Classroom

Google Meet features in development:

– Meeting safety moderation controls for enterprise
– Q&A for live stream

Apps Script features in development:

– New Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Assignments features in development:

– Slides support in originality reports

Cloud Search features in development:

– People search in Cloud Search and APIs

Docs features in development:

– Domain spelling

Google Workspace features in development:

– People search in Cloud Search and APIs

Groups features in development:

– Global settings in new Groups

Jamboard features in development:

– Create a Jam while offline
– Jamboard fleet data export
– Make Jams available offline

Sites features in development:

– Domain-created templates

Security features in development/beta:

– IRM for DLP
– Automated Classification with Drive DLP
– Metadata as a DLP condition

Google Workspace Migrate features in beta:

– Migration of Exchange In-Place Archives
– Migration support for Drive shortcuts
– Migration support for shared drive subfolder sharing

Google Drive features in beta:

– Request approvals for documents
– Offline pinning for non-Docs, Sheets, and Slides formats using Drive for desktop
– Labels in Drive

As you can tell, the search giant has a lot of work cut out for itself as it usually starts working on possible new features every quarter. Therefore, most of the features highlighted here may be released soon.

The features that are currently in beta are more likely to be finalized and released to the public, however, Google does not guarantee that any of these features or improvements will see the light of day.

Having said that, we hope Google also fixes the bugs in apps from Google Workspace such as the Google Meet grid view extension support issue and video zoomed/cropped in issue.

Update (March 04)

Google has updated the list of upcoming Meet features to include low-light mode on Android, co-hosting abilities, improved grid view on iOS and Android, among other Workspace improvements.

Update (September 06)

Well, it has been a long time coming but it is finally here. Google, through a community manager, has announced that the company has fully rolled out the ability to have up to 25 co-hosts within a Google Meet meeting. This feature will be supported for users on Desktop, iOS, and Android.

co hosting google meet

Even then, Google Meet users are noting that this ability doesn’t seem to be available for all users, at least not just yet.

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