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The LG Q9 One was launched back in February 2019 when the Android One program was booming. However, things have recently stagnated a bit and new launches under the program have grown scarce.

The Q9 One was perhaps the very last offering from LG that ran Android One. Subsequently, LG has seemingly distanced itself from the program and has instead diverted all of its focus to its Velvet UI/UX 10 skins.

We have also seen Xiaomi follow a similar path.


Nonetheless, all this does not mean that Android One devices from LG have now been barred from receiving further updates. This is evident from a recent development.

As per a recent report, the Android 11 kernel sources for the LG Q9 One have freshly made it out of the oven, thus signaling that its software development is still pretty much alive and kicking.

You can check out the same through LG’s OpenSource Code Distribution portal.

FYI, OEMs are required to push out kernel sources for their devices under the GNU General Public License, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.


Now, Android 11 kernel sources being released for the Q9 One is definitely great news as it signals that Android 11 development is underway, and the device is slated to receive the update pretty soon.

However, LG has not exactly laid out a roadmap for the update scheme of the LG Q9 One so one can’t really be too certain about anything.

Anyway, it is worth mentioning here that the LG G7 One is virtually the same phone as the LG Q9 One. One of the major differences is that both devices were launched in different regions.

Most Android One devices get only two OS updates which the G7 One already has. This is because it was launched a few months before the LG Q9 One and shipped with Android 8.1. This is unlike the Q9 One that was released with Android Pie out of the box.


Therefore, if the usual update patterns are to go by, the LG G7 One has already crossed the end of its update lifecycle. But given that the LG Q9 One is apparently eligible for Android 11, the G7 One should be too.

After all, both variants have similar hardware which effectively makes the process of upgrading the G7 One much easier. Hopefully, LG does what’s best, although at this point it looks more of wishful thinking.

For now, be sure to keep an eye on our LG Android 11 update tracker so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Update 1 (February 20)

IST 12:05 pm: The Fido LG G7 One (aka LG Q9 One and LG X5) variant is scheduled to get the Android 11 update in Canada on March 31, 2021. Check out the complete coverage by heading here.

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