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Xiaomi introduced App Vault with MIUI 9.2 as a one-stop activity center providing quick access to frequently used tools and functions such as booking a cab, taking notes, and getting match scores, among others.

Now, the company is also looking to add new services and features across the board to get more users hooked on using the App Vault.

App Vault on the Google Play Store

The new services aligning with over 14 different categories have been added as part of the ‘Utilities’ card in the App Vault, and are aimed at helping users perform a wide range of tasks without having to open a dedicated app.

Having all necessary and useful information in one place helps save time and in some cases, even reduces the time we spend on our phones flicking through different apps.

Matter of fact, the App Vault even gives users direct access to YouTube. This means that you don’t necessarily have to launch the YouTube application to watch videos.

Google Discover

Although, as we reported earlier, Xiaomi has begun replacing the App Vault with Google Discover on the global ROM which was a decision favored by many fans.

And now according to new developments, it seems that the YouTube app has been removed from the MIUI 12 App Vault on the Poco F1.

This was brought to light by a Poco F1 user who noticed that the App Vault now only shows the News option and the YouTube app is missing.

We’ve added a screenshot of the user’s complaint which was posted on the Mi Community forums.


Xiaomi has not yet made a public statement regarding why it has removed the YouTube app from the MIUI 12 App Vault on the Poco F1.

However, thanks to a moderator on the Mi Community, we now have some insights into why YouTube was removed.

Responding to the user’s query, a popular mod who goes by the name ‘happybuddhist’ has stated that YouTube was removed from the App Vault due to some bugs.

It was removed due to some bugs. Not sure if it will be added again, kindly send a bug report and also contact the developer via PlayStore.


Since the app was removed due to some bugs, one would assume that Xiaomi will iron out the problem and introduce the app once again.

However, the moderator is also not sure whether the YouTube app will be added back to the MIUI 12 App Vault on the Poco F1 or not.

This means that there is a possibility that Xiaomi may ditch the YouTube app from the App Vault altogether.

Pocophone F1

Further, at the time of writing, it’s unclear whether this decision only affects the Poco F1 or whether it’s the case on other devices as well due to the lack of reports.

Of course, we will continue to keep an eye out for any further developments regarding the removal of the YouTube app from the MIUI 12 App Vault on the Poco F1 and will post an update once new details emerge.

That said, as far as software updates are concerned, there are slight chances that Xiaomi may just release the Android 11 update for the Poco F1.


If so, it will be the third major Android update for the device. This is something Xiaomi has not done in the past and thus it may not be wise to get your hopes high.

Nevertheless, stay tuned to our dedicated tracker to know all about the release of Android 11 on all eligible Xiaomi phones. Also, do let us know whether the YouTube app is missing from your App Vault too.

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