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Poco F1 made headlines right from the beginning of this year. It was no surprise, that users of Pocophone or Poco F1 demanded a successor to the phone, as it really changed how OEMs dealt with mid-range devices back in 2017-18.

Poco F1 (Pocophone F1) housed all the flagship-level specs like the then-latest Snapdragon 845 processor, 6/8 GB of RAM, a 4,000 mAh battery and so on.

Cut to now, the device is already running the latest Android 10 update and is underway with the MIUI 12 beta program. But, not all is good with the Poco F1 (Pocophone F1).

As per several user reports, a new Poco F1 Google Chrome freeze issue has surfaced the devices. Basically, ever since the last update, every time Poco F1 users are trying to scroll a web page using Google Chrome, the browser freezes and users are unable to use it.

Here are some of the posts of the users reporting the Poco F1 Google Chrome Freeze and hang issues:

 I and other friends have this problem, I tried 5 different browsers, chrome has the most problem with this but it happens we all have miui global 11.0.8. stable. When scrolling through webpage with much text like facebook (with browser not in app) page freezes but its not like lag of a phone, I pull task bar or press home and enter back and works again like nothing happened, pleaae fix this its annoying af as its happening more often now…

Just to start, prior to the last update, I had no issues with my phone.

MIUI 11.0.4 Android ,10

Basically, I’m the normal use of Chrome, it seems to just stop being able to scroll or work (looks like it freezes because gifs stop working as well). If I go back to homescreen or turn the screen off and back on, then it goes back to working. The odd thing is that if it’s a long page, and it does this freeze, I can keep scrolling, and although it’s still frozen, when I do one of the methods described above it will actually be where I would scroll to.

I’ve uninstalled the app and redownload it but it still does it. Wondering if anyone else has this issue?

There are tons of Poco F1 Google Chrome freeze complaints, which you can find on an official community platform or other social media platforms like Reddit.

Fortunately related to this Poco F1 Chrome freeze issue, moderators and developers have come forward and have shared their insights. One of the moderators has stated:

There is a latency issue with Chrome and all chromium based browsers. The stock Mi Browser doesn’t have any issues though. I use Firefox too, but haven’t faced this issue. It’s only with Chrome and Google needs to fix it with the chromium base as it’s affecting all devices.

poco f1 google chrome freeze moderator

We have earlier highlighted the Google Chrome freezing issues on other Android phones like Samsung and Asus as well. And in both cases, it was termed to be a problem at Google’s end.

Apparently, it is the same glitch that the Poco F1 users are facing. And one of the device team members also agrees to this:

Lag issue in chrome is also occurs on some other phones(even some Samsung phone) so it is mostly like chrome issue.

device team comment on poco f1 chrome freeze

It is unclear when Google will come up with a fix for this Poco F1 Google Chrome freeze and hand issue, but it is highly recommended to grab the next update for Chrome, whenever it is available.

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