One Piece chapter 976 was just released today. This is perhaps one of the most exciting chapters of Wano country arc act three. The latest member of the Straw hats, knight of the sea, Jinbei has finally arrived in Wano reuniting with his crew.

The addition of a strong fighter such as Jinbei will be a big help for the upcoming war, especially considering that the enemy consists of two emperors. And when you think the two of them are already a handful, there are still the Beast pirates all-stars, headliners, gifters, and the numbers.

Straw hats VS Beast pirates match-up

Now that Jinbei has come, the match-ups between the Straw hat pirates and the Beast pirates can finally be completed. Although they can still use some help, here’s who I think will fight who in the current number of allies of the Straw hats.

  • Kaido and Big Mom: Luffy will surely insist on fighting Kaido. He will not be alone, however. Kid will not stand idly by. After all, he has a score to settle with Kaido. Law may also join, but his resolve in this fight is not as strong. Although he always targeted Kaido, his personal grudge was against Doffy and he has already been defeated.

    The only question that lies is how they are going to manage fighting two emperors. Surely, other members of the Straw hats, Kid pirates, Heart pirates, and/or the alliance will assist too.

  • Jack the drought: I think it is only fair and sensible that Jinbei will be the one to fight Jack since he is also a Fishman. During their fight, we may even see a short back story of Jack. However, there is also a possibility that Ashura Doji will try to settle some score with Jack.
  • Queen: Considering Queen to be one of the top three fighters of the Beast pirates, I think Sanji will be the one to face him. This fight will not be easy, however.
  • King: For King, I can think of two possible persons who would face him. First, of course, is Zoro since I am talking about the Straw hats and Beast pirates match-up. However, it is possible that Killer will also take part in this fight.
  • Headliners: The rest of the Straw hats may be the ones who will face them with the help of the other scabbards. Drake may still take part in this battle to keep his cover safe. However, things may be different for Hawkins.

    As for the other or most of the scabbards, I’m sure they will focus on getting to Orochi and saving Momonosuke. However, some of them may also take part in the fight against Big Mom and Kaido.

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