My Hero Academia 262 spoilers reveal Crust's quirk and Mirko's battle with Nomus

The wait for the next chapter of My Hero Academia is almost over. Soon we can finally see how Mirko’s battle with the Nomus goes in the official chapter. For now, let us have some hints through My Hero Academia 262 spoilers.

This upcoming chapter contains more important details than you may think. Especially for those saying that this will be the final arc of the manga. I think that the story is far from over. I will share some of the reasons why I think this as I proceed to share some My Hero Academia 262 spoilers.

Crust’s Quirk: Shield

In the upcoming chapter, we can finally see Crust’s quirk in action. Up until now, we’ve only seen him grow a stone-like exoskeleton from his arms. In the upcoming chapter, however, his quirk’s name and abilities are revealed.

His quirk is Shield. This allows him to manifest shields across his entire body. His quirk is good for defensive battles, but it can also be used in powerful attacks. Using this quirk, Crust was easily able to stop a large Nomu’s attack.

Nomu classification explained

In My Hero Academia 262 spoilers, we are also given a better understanding of the different categories of Nomus. Nomus are basically corpses modified to take on multiple quirks. There are three categories of Nomus according to their modified strength and quirk.

Low-tier Nomus has 10 times the strength of a normal human. They also possess quirks, but it seems that they are limited. Other than these attributes, there is nothing special about them, and they are mostly used as pawns or mindless soldiers. Mid-tier Nomus share similar strength, but stronger.

High-tier or high-end Nomus are different and more special. Other than greater strength and possession of multiple quirks, high-end nomus have a higher ability to think and retain their personalities.

Mirko VS Nomus

In the upcoming chapter, Mirko’s battle with the nomus continues. She found Dr. Ujiko’s inner hiding place where Shigaraki Tomura is kept in a capsule. Tomora had just undergone multiple modifications to make him stronger. This is one of the main reasons why I think the manga is far from over. If anything, I think the story is still building up for the next generation of heroes and villains to take the stage.

Anyway, Shigaraki is still in the capsule as Dr. Ujiko tries to stabilize him. We might see him and his power-ups in action in the coming chapter. Going back to Mirko, she continues to charge in fighting with the high-ends. She managed to offset the impact of the nomus attacks using her legs.

Mirko also managed to decapitate one of the nomus which gave her confidence not to hold back. However, she also heavily injured her left arm. She may need reinforcements fast to win, especially if Tomura finally wakes up.

My Hero Academia chapter 262 will be officially released on March 1, 2020, in the Weekly Shonen Jump.

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Image credits: My Hero Academia offical Twitter

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