This My Hero Academia article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

My Hero Academia 261 raw scans are out, and they are even more exciting than what the spoilers hinted. The title of the upcoming chapter is “High-ends”. This puts our heroes in an unfavorable situation.

After finding the hospital where Ujiko secretly works on Nomus, Eraser Head and his team are now faced with a critical situation. In the previous chapter, Mirko finally pinned down Ujiko as he was just about to escape. But will things be easy for Mirko and the heroes?

A critical situation

After Mirko smashed Johnny, we can see a new side of Ujiko’s personality. He may seem a heartless person for immorally conducting experiments on his subjects. But it seems like he has some personal attachments with the Nomu Johnny. This attachment seems to be shared by both as Ujiko will be saved by Johnny later.

Going back to Mirko, she discovered a number of tough-looking Nomus and reported it to the gang probably for back up in case they activate. Unfortunately, the rest of the heroes are still pinned on the upper level of the hospital fighting their own battles while others are busy with evacuating patients.

Shield Hero Crust was the first to have been able to respond. However, on the way to Mirko’s location, a large talking Nomu blocked his way. This leaves Mirko on her own until Crust and the others become available.

Mirko in trouble

Before Ujiko could flee, Mirko decided to take action without waiting for the others to arrive. However, in the middle of Mirko’s attack, Johnny seemed to have been cloned using Twice’s quirk and was in time to warp Ujiko to safety.

As a countermeasure, Dr. Ujiko also activated the high-end Nomus inside the capsules with a specific charge to destroy the heroes. Facing one alone would be a challenge, but facing several might be too much even for Mirko.

According to My Hero Academia 261 raw scans, those Nomus were the same as the one Ujiko gave to Dabi. And even Dabi’s clones were enough to hold off both Vlad King and Eraser Head, two formidable Pro Heroes, during the forest invasion.

My Hero Academia 261 raw scans announcement

How would Mirko handle the situation? Will help be coming soon? I guess we will just have to find out when My Hero Academia 262 arrives. However, we will have to wait a little further as there will be a break next week.

The official chapter release of My Hero Academia 261 will be on February 16, 2020.

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Image credits: My Hero Academia offiial Twitter account

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