This My Hero Academia article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

Just a few more days before its official release, fans can wait no longer My Hero Academia 261 spoilers. Spoilers begin to surface on Reddit and Twitter with some images of the manga itself.

With this, the raw scans with English translation for My Hero Academia 261 will be out soon. It seems like this upcoming chapter will both excite and scare us.

Mirko enters the Nomu lab

According to My Hero Academia 261 spoilers, the title of My Hero Academia 261 is “Mirko winding up for a kick”. In the previous chapter, we saw Mirko broke through the walls in search of doctor Ujiko who was about to escape using Johnny’s quirk.

Unfortunately for him, Johnny was smashed by the wall that was knocked out by Mirko. Then we were left in a cliffhanger with Mirko about to capture Ujiko.

In the upcoming chapter, however, it seems like things will not be easy for Mirko. The spoiler images show that a number of Nomus broke out of their capsules and started attacking Mirko.

Mirko in trouble? Crust to the rescue

Mirko may be one of the strongest among the heroes, ranking as number 5 pro hero. However, facing several powerful Nomu’s might still be too much for her.

Luckily, a spoiler image suggests that Crust, the number 6 pro hero, went after Mirko as a backup. But before he can help Mirko, Crust will have to face a Nomu who blocks his way.

At the end of the chapter, Mirko can be seen in blood and about to face more Nomus. We will have to wait to see this battle’s conclusion though, as there will be a break next week.

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Image credits: My Hero Academia offiial Twitter account 

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