[Playable now] PES 2020 regular maintenance extended while latest version brings new camera angles and more

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Original story (published on December 5, 2019) follows:

Almost all the smartphone users today have played a video game at least once. In the past, one needed to have a hefty rig to play heavy titles with extreme graphics. Now that we have got so much power into our palms as phones, playing games with close-to-real visuals became a walk in the park.

Being a gamer, you get to explore different categories (sports, strategic, shooting, racing, etc.). However, you surely stumble upon a favourite genre, and probably a single title. For me, it’s eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

efootball pes 2020
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In case you happen to be an avid PES fan, you know how they updated to the 2020 version. Konami, the Japanese company began a 4-day long maintenance procedure to rollout the upgrade. Even after the game had gone playable, people used to complain about the disturbing bugs.

You know, PES get bug fixes every week on Thursday between 02:00 – 08:00 (UTC). Apparently, we thought today’s maintenance would also last six hours as per the timetable. Owing to the change of plans, Konami confirmed the extension of the maintenance on the official site.

PES 2020 maintenance delayed
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As the PES fanatics were whining about this unprecedented move, an update went live on Google Play and iOS App Store. The game has got some exciting features like new camera angles, Matchday mode etc. The obvious change is the current icon. But, you can’t still play the game after installing the update.

Update Details
・New mode “Matchday” added.
・”Dynamic Wide”, “Stadium” and “Live Broadcast” camera types added.
・Data for some teams, players and managers have been updated.
A number of issues were fixed.
・An issue that can be triggered by skipping the signing animation that plays after a obtaining a new player, causing your teams’ strips to display incorrectly in the next match.
New Camera Settings Available
The Dynamic Wide, Stadium and Live Broadcast camera types were added to the game in the v4.1.0 update, released on 05/12/2019.
Try out each of these new camera types by accessing [Camera Settings] from the pause menu to enjoy a more immersive match experience.

PES 2020 maintenance update
PES 2020 ver 4.0.1 Android (Source)

You also get a few new leagues and specs. Does that mean the new version (4.1.0) is devoid of bugs? No, in the release note, the firm has clearly mentioned the issues you might encounter while playing PES 2019 on Android and iOS. You can read them from the list given below.

Currently confirmed issues
(UPDATE 05/12/2019)We are currently observing the following issue.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
・An issue wherein maximizing the app causes it to crash, specifically in situations where the app had been minimized by pressing the home button multiple times.
・An issue that causes the app to freeze when performing a four finger swipe or tapping the screen multiple times in succession.

pes 2020 ios ver 4.0.1
PES 2020 iOS Ver 4.0.1 (Source)

In fact the next update will bring solutions to all these concerns. But, will the upcoming version bring a new set of bugs? Well, that’s something we have to wait and see. Don’t forget to stay tuned to this story to know when the game goes playable.

Update 1 (December 5)

Minutes after publishing this story, Konami ended the maintenance and made the game available to play. But, I couldn’t resume a match that was already progressing. Check the screenshot given below. You might also get this error if you had a game pending.

PES 2020 update no resume
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Update 2 (December 5)

Just as I was setting up the team for a new match, PES 2020 goes into maintenance mode again. Even though Konami officially announced the mending was over, it isn’t the case now.

Update 3 (December 5)

So, after a couple of hours, the game is playable again. We don’t know if it’s perennial or not. Meanwhile, you can stay tuned to this story for more updates.

Update 4 (February 20)

Another day, another PES Mobile 2020 maintenance! On the contrary to the predefined schedule, today’s maintenance is taking a bit more time than expected. The official page says the mending will stop at 13:00 on 20/02/2020 (UTC).

PES 2020 mobile feb 20

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