This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read.

One Piece chapter 972 comes earlier to us this time with only five days interval from the previous chapter. This means One Piece 972 spoilers also come early. In fact, some rough summary and a spoiler image are already out on a Reddit spoiler thread.

With the events of the previous chapter, the upcoming chapter is expected to be the last of Oden’s flashback. And the initial spoilers somehow confirm this.

Oden’s final wish

Just when we thought things couldn’t get sadder, this chapter may prove otherwise. Everyone was hopeful when Oden was given a chance to save his and his vassals’ lives. Some were even hopeful that he may still be alive. Unfortunately, Oden’s journey seems to really end this time.

According to spoilers, Shinobu’s words spread and people began to understand why Oden acted like a fool in the past five years. This probably threatened Orochi and Oden knew about this. Oden thought that even if he survives the boiling oil for an hour, Orochi and Kaido will still kill him. So he passed on his final wish to his vassals.

Oden reveals that the Kozuki family closed the borders of Wano a long time ago to protect the country from a “certain strong power”. However, a certain someone from 800 years ago (most probably Joy Boy), is expected to come to Wano. When this time comes, Wano has to be opened and assist this certain someone.

Oden survives, but still executed

Given the Orochi and Kaido’s history of not keeping their promise, it is expected that they would also not comply with Oden’s request during the boiling. Oden survives after one hour, but the expected also comes to pass.

Orochi said that he changed his mind and would now execute them by shooting them including Oden’s family. But before he could do this, Oden throws the Nine Red Scabbards with all his strength to get them as far away as possible. As he did so, he charged them to not turn back and to fulfill his dreams of opening Wano.

Kaido then kills Oden while Oden was still speaking. This scene may be sad, but Oden dies with a smile on his face.

Oden’s letter to Toki

Oden’s death would immediately spread throughout the country given it was a public execution and everyone was either watching or waiting for the news. Upon hearing the news of Oden’s death, Toki took Oden’s letter from a drawer.

According to One Piece 972 spoilers, Oden tells Toki that if he ould not defeat Kaido, no one else can. He was probably meant that no one from the country can defeat Kaido as his next statements suggest that there is one who can defeat Kaido. He continues to say that in 20 years, the world will experience a giant war that can split the sea.

During that time, that certain someone who will come to Wano will be the main character of the giant war. That certain someone will also be the one to defeat Kaido. Until then, Oden says that Wano will experience a very long winter. This probably means the twenty years from that time in which Wano will be subject to Orochi and Kaido’s tyranny.

Halfway through the letter, it seems like Oden asked Toki to use her power to assist in this cause. Hence, the sending of Momo and some of the scabbards twenty years into the future. Toki is in tears as she read this and the scene returns to the present time.

More One Piece 972 spoilers and even scans are expected later or tomorrow. The official chapter release will be on February 21, 2020.

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